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Aurora on the evolution of female CS:GO: ”Teams are getting more competitive”

av Simon Engstrand


Big organizations are picking up female teams, and recently it was announced that LGB will be the first european female team ever to compete in the main division of CEVO.
LGB player, Aurora ”Aurora” Lyngdal, thinks that others should also participate and encourages the female teams to compete.
– I really think that more female teams should attend stuff like this, Aurora tells Aftonbladet Esport.

Lately, the LGB Female CS:GO-squad has risen up to become one of the best teams in the female scene. On Tuesday a new challenge arose: To compete in the main division of CEVO season 8. The league entry, however, came somewhat random.
One of the CEVO admins contacted my teammate Hedje regarding our male team and the pro league. She jokingly told him that, if they weren’t interested, we could play it instead. As there were some spots still open in the main division, he suggested we’d play there instead. We gave it some thought and decided that we are up to the challenge, Aurora ”Aurora” Lyngdal tells Aftonbladet Esport and continues:
– We are ready to face the strong teams and win or lose, we will learn a lot from it.

Many big organisations, such as Counter Logic Gaming and Team Acer, have lately entered the female scene by picking up new teams. Still, there are few that travel around and competes as much as intel sponsored LGB and Team Property.
– I really think that more female teams should attend stuff like this. At the same time I also think they should go to Dreamhack BYOCs like we do. I think it’s really weird that it’s only Team Property and us who are doing it, Aurora says.

Why do you think not more are going for it?
– Well, to be honest I’m not quite sure. My guess is that they’re missing funding.

Have you noticed a change of mentality towards female teams?
– The female teams are gradually getting more serious about the game, more female teams are moving towards getting more competitive and make greater effort in trying to play against the male teams. In the end, our goal is to compete against the best, and not just in the female scene.

LGB Female

Aurora ”Aurora” Lyngdal

Lizette ”L.K.S” Scheich

Matilde ”Mattye” Wiik

Hanne ”Hayss” Skårdal

Hege ”Hedje” Botnen



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