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”CS:GO history will be written the coming days”

av Tobias Lundgren

According to Daily Dot and HLTV, the arranger ESL, various CS:GO teams and the fantasy esports site Vulcun has met with Twitch in San Francisco to discuss an exclusivity deal with the streaming company.
The deal could be the start of a league similar to the LCS, which would change the community in its foundation.
”CS:GO history will be written the coming days”, sources tell Aftonbladet Esport.

In a recent meeting, ESL and representatives from various organizations sat down with Twitch and discussed the possibility of locking down CS:GO in an exclusive deal which would give 18 million dollars to the involved parties, according to Daily Dot and HLTV. Esports fantasy site Vulcun is cooperating with ESL to secure the teams, meaning they wont be able to participate in any leagues outside the proposed one, which would change the steadily growing community in its core.

”It’s much bigger than just ESL”

Several team owners have been wanting something similar to Riots LCS, and this could be the first step towards establishing that for CS:GO.
– CS:GO history will be written the coming days, it’s not just about ESL, it’s much bigger than that, sources tell Aftonbladet Esport.
– If this goes through, esports will have a bright and organized future. There are no guidelines right now and the arrangers do whatever they want. It’s a mess right now and the players want something more controlled. Now they have to play all weekends and nights while they also have to deal with sponsors and stuff.

”Ten of the top teams will be lost”

If the deal comes through, organzations like DreamHack and FaceIT won’t be able to arrange CS:GO tournaments with the top teams anymore.
– Ten of the top teams in the world will be lost. It will probably be divided in tier one and two teams and the other arrangers run the risk of being left out.
The deal is reportedly set to be in place within 14 days, according to the source. And the source also mentions that Valve aren’t interested in locking down a league like Riot with the LCS.
– They just want to develop the game and in the end they’ll make more money this way. They’re only interested in a big league that can fill arenas, and nobody needs permission from them to do it. That’s why some parties are a bit panicked now, because nobody has an advantage over the other.
Reaching out to DreamHack, they have declined to comment at this moment.



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