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Dupreeh: ”We’ve created history within CS”

av Björn Ehrnberg

We all know the story by now. The Danes that used to play under Team SoloMid flag but eventually would end up forming their own organisation with backing from Danish investors. After a couple of months, Peter ”dupreeh” Rasmussen still feels like it was the best move they could have made.
– It’s been an amazing time already and we are really happy that we’ve done it. We’ve created history within CS, so it’s great, he tells Aftonbladet Esport ahead of the teams unique BO5 against Fnatic this upcoming Thursday.

Peter ”dupreeh” Rasmussen and his Danish buddies made huge news as the team announced that they not only would part ways with Team SoloMid, but also create their own organisation. As we ventured into the new year we saw the birth of Astralis. A couple of months into the adventure, dupreeh still feels like they did the right choice.
– It’s been an amazing time already and we are really happy that we’ve done it. We’ve created history within CS, so it’s great! In my personal opinion, it doesn’t put more pressure on us, it’s as it has always been. We’re still here to win as always.

The five man squad has played together ever since Finn ”karrigan” Ryan joined the roster in January last year. During the previous season the Danes, alongside Fnatic, had moments of pure dominance, especially during the summer and early autumn. Lately, however, the team has been suffering a bit. At least according to dupreeh.
– We have been in a somewhat bad period, he says after the team fell short against Fnatic during ESL Barcelona.
– We showed that we could definitely beat Fnatic. I’ve seen improvements, so that’s really good at least. We’re going to seek revenge this time of course, he says as Astralis are preparing to once again face the strong Swedish side in the third edition of Fight Night.

”They are always so damn impressive”

With IEM Katowice and the 1 million dollar major just around the corner the teams are gearing up for a hectic spring. And once again it seems like all the players are eyeing a dethroning of Fnatic to become the undisputed heavy weights of the world. Though, as dupreeh is quick to state, that won’t be an easy task.
– There’s no doubt that Fnatic is the best team in the world, and everyone wants to dethrone them, but it takes a lot of effort because they are always so damn impressive. I know it’s possible, but I don’t know when it will happen. I sure hope it’ll be us though.

Are they your biggest rivals?
– Of course they are.

What would it take for you guys to finally break ”the ceiling” and win a major?
–  Just play confident, play to win, and not be afraid to lose. That’s what we’re dealing with. Working on better communication and everyone to be better individually is the key I think, and also to make better decisions, he says and concludes:
– Winning a major is still the dream.

But before that, Astralis will once more go up against their new arch rivals in Fight Night which is presented by Betway who also are giving the audience a chance to bet on the game. The game will air 19.00 CET on Aftonbladet Esports own Twitch channel.

Fight Night is presented by Betway.




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