E-FRAG: The World Championship will be crowd funded

av Simon Engstrand
Availar in front of the European Championship 2014 prize
Availar in front of the European Championship 2014 prize

E-Frag recently hosted the King of Majors tournament, an event that received criticism both for laggy streams and because Josuah ”Steel” Nissan appeared as a caster.
Now the organization is looking forward to its next project – crowd funding the World Championship in CS:GO.
– I learned a lot of valuable lessons during Kings of Majors and will use them to better the production of our next event, Mohamed ”Availer” Zardab tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The E-frag producer Mohamed ”Availer” Zardab is most recently known for casting and organizing the successful Kings of Majors-tournament that took place in February. But events like these rarely come without issues, and this one was no exception.

”Had a lot of issues the first day”

On the first day of the tournament E-Frag and HitboxTV was the target of several DDOS-attacks and a lot of viewers missed matches. E-Frag also received a lot of critique when Joshua ”Steel” Nissan appeared in the production crew as a caster.
– On the first day we had a lot of issues, and the tournament appeared in bad light. But we resolved all the issues and removed Steel from the production crew, then we started to receive a lot of positive response, Mohamed says.

The huge success of the Kings of Majors-tournament, they peaked at 123 000 concurrent viewers, came as a surprise and Zardab now wants to organize the tournament again.
– We want to make this a yearly thing, Kings of Majors will be back for sure.

”The World Championship will be crowd funded”

At the end of 2014, during the European CS:GO Championship, E-Frag announced that they will host a World Championship tournament. A team captain from each participating country have been given the task to build a national team. Zardab now says that they will let the community fund the event’s prize pool. The plan is to sell merchandise, Zardab mentions key rings as an example, and put all the profits straight into the tournament prize pool. There will be a set amount of money provided by E-Frag, but the rest is up to the community.
– The World Championship in CS:GO will be crowd funded. We always try to come up with unique ways to organize tournaments and this time we wanted to test this new interesting concept that has not been visited before, Mohamed ”Availer” Zardab says.

More details about the tournament are yet to be announced, but E-Frag aims for a prize pool that will ”contest with the majors.”



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