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Fallen: ”Tournament organizers need to recognize other regions as well”

av Björn Ehrnberg
Gabriel ”FalleN” Toledo.
Gabriel ”FalleN” Toledo.

Two weeks have passed since Luminosity became legends as they won the biggest Counter-Strike tournament in history.
While Gabriel ”FalleN” Toledo still seems at a loss for words when trying to describe the victory, he has a solid message for large tournament organizers.
– One point I’ve been trying to talk about is that tournament organizers need to recognize other regions as well. Not only focus on Europe and North America, the Brazilian star says to Aftonbladet Esport.

The CS:GO professional scene is an endless fluctuation of teams topping the rankings and being the roster to beat. As it stands now, the Brazilian stars of Luminosity is not only the kings of the hill, but also the winner of the biggest prize pool ever in Counter-Strike.

But those facts doesn’t seem to have changed Gabriel ”FalleN” Toledo and his crew at all. Quite the opposite. The team didn’t take a break after the victory over Na’Vi that saw them win one million dollars.
– After we won the major we tried to do the same thing we always do before tournaments. We like to go to bootcamps. We like to keep on preparing ourselves. So nothing changed to be honest, FalleN explains.

How does it feel now, a couple of days after the amazing feat? Have you had time to contemplate what it meant?
– I can’t explain how it feels considering how many things have we have been through as a team. It was a very unique feeling. Just after MLG I didn’t realize that we had won it, it took some time to understand what had happened. It feels great. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter anymore. We need to keep chasing every victory and keep on getting better and better.

”They are looking into having a tournament in SA”

FalleN isn’t an unfamiliar face in the CS community. Alongside some other notable names, the former 1.6 star has been the face of Brazilian Counter-Strike. Through the last couple of years his thoughts on the scene in his country of birth have from time to time popped up on the Reddit forum and other places. And his passion for the scene showed when he invested in bringing Tempo Storm to the North American mix. Now FalleN has set his eyes on an other mission: To bring a big tournament to South America.
– I think with our success, we gained strength to talk more about our problems. I myself had to move from Brazil to North America and that is not something everybody can do in Brazil, FalleN says and continues:
– After winning this major we feel that we can talk more about our region. And it is not only about Brazil, in for example Argentina and Chile there are a lot of players who watch the tournaments and they also want to be there. One point I’ve been trying to talk about is that tournament organizers need to recognize other regions as well, not only focus on Europe and North America. I know that money, sponsors and the markets are bigger in those regions, but we just faced Tyloo and it is amazing to play against teams from China. I know there are a lot of people watching the games in their region. And that is good for the community. It is good for the players since they too have dreams and want to compete. Right now in China there’s probably several players thinking they can become the next YuanZhang ”Attacker” Sheng, FalleN explains and adds:
– I’ve just talked to some people here who told me they are looking into having a tournament in South America

When asked if the major victory might have changed the guys in Luminosity in any shape or form, the Brazilian star looked as calm and collected as ever.
– No. We are the same players and same persons. The only thing that changed was that we finally won the first place. We had finished second in the last three tournaments.

Luminosity beat Tyloo in the first day of play during Dreamhack Masters in Malmö and are set to face mousesports in the upper bracket final of group A on Wednesday.



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