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Former 1.6-star missed out on being the fifth player in NiP: ”I can’t go around and be sad”

av Simon Engstrand
Johan "face" Klasson. Foto: Fragbite.se
Johan ”face” Klasson. Foto: Fragbite.se

 The SK veteran Johan ”Face” Klasson was meant to be the fifth member of Ninjas in Pyjamas for the launch of Global Offensive.
But the mission was instead handed to Adam ”Friberg” Friberg, and Face became the unknown ninja.
– I can’t go around and be sad that it didn’t happened, he tells Aftonbladet esport.

When playing under the SK banner during 1.6, Johan ”Face” Klasson was one of the biggest names on the scene. Together with Ninjas in Pyjamas stars, Christopher ”GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and Patrik ”f0rest” Lindberg, SK Gaming belonged in the absolut top of Counter-Strike. However, as the community started switching towards Global Offensive, Face disappeared.
– That was pretty much because we split up in the old SK lineup and people started looking for teams on their own – and I didn’t find one. The newer teams, the ones that are good now, were formed quite quickly and afterwards there really weren’t that many fitting teams left, Face tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The veteran was at first the top candidate to become the fifth member of Ninjas in Pyjamas as Global Offensive was about to be released. GeT_RiGhT and f0rest decided to recruit the best Swedish in-game leader from CSS, Robin ”Fifflaren” Johansson, and also Richard ”Xizt” Landström had received a spot. However, instead of Face the last spot was given to Fifflarens old team mate, Adam ”Friberg” Friberg.
– Had I been asked to play with Ninjas in Pyjamas in the beginning I definitely would’ve done it, that’s what I wanted. But I can’t go around and be sad that it didn’t happened.

”Never say never”

Face have had his eyes on the scene and think he’s kept up to date fairly well. The will to come back and compete still lives inside of him. Yet, the years have passed by and for now the professional career has ben put on hold – instead he sells beds.
– I’m a bit older now and have more expenses compared to when I was 20-21. One has to survive, so when it didn’t work out with Counter-Strike I had to take a job, and now there’s not enough time for CS.

A comeback is not likely to happened in the foreseeable future. However, should an a promising offer pop up, Face says that he’s definitely ready to get back.
– I’d never say no if I were to get a chance to play with a good team, get a good offer and get to start playing again.
– I’ll never say never. If something promising and interesting comes up with good players I would consider it one hundred percent. I have to admit, I miss that life, Face says, and reveals that several interesting offers have previously been on the table, but none of them ever came to life.

”It often comes down to sticking together”

Instead of reloading his gun and come back in competitions, Face has returned in the same way 1.6 legend Danny ”zonic” Sørensen has – by becoming a coach. It’s the Swedes of Torpedo that Face is set to sharpen and help in their evolution.
– Everything is still very, very new. I will try and participate as much as possible when they practice, try and learn how they play and talk about what they can do better, what they are doing good and what they can change.
– You could say I will help them in game, but I wont be involved in tactics and stuff like that. More things like rotations and communication, smaller things that can make a difference in the long run.

Torpedo is a Swedish semipro team. In regards to how well teams of that level perform, they are well below teams like NiP and Fnatic. In Sweden, there have been a few teams that could pride themselves for being the third best Swedish team, such as LGB and Team Orbit.
Lately, however, those teams have dispersed.
– There is no third team, instead you have three ”fifth best teams” that are trying and are on their way. On that level it often comes down to sticking together, to find five people and play together for a long time.

Face’s new career as a coach is still in an early stage. He is yet to get to know and help the team on a deeper level. In the players he sees potential and hopes to help them reach a new level of Counter-Strike – and perhaps become the third cog in the Swedish CS:GO machine.



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