”The French scene is becoming as great as the Swedish”

av Björn Ehrnberg

France are gaining more an more notoriety within the CS:GO-scene. After a chaotic summer, with a lot of trades, transfers and upright disbandment of teams – the newly formed LDLC have reached the final at Dreamhack Stockholm.
– I believe that the French scene is becoming as great as the Swedish. We have three really strong teams and all of them are competing at the highest level, Nathan ”NBK” Schmitt told Aftonbladet Esports.

During the recent summer, the French CS:GO-scene was in turmoil. Several teams cut players. LDLC was disolved. Titan got rid of NBK and put together a new line up. Epsilon also went through a couple of roster changes.

NBK, SmitZz, Happy and the others formed Mercernary. And, all of a sudden, the newly started line up was playing under the banner of LDLC. And as of now, the French team have reached all the way to the finals of Dreamhack Stockholm.
– We are very delighted to have accomplished what we have done now. We played our own game style against 3DMAX in the semifinals, and though we had some problems we are satisfied to have reached the finals, LDLC star NBK told Aftonbladet Esports.

Are the French teams on your way to form a new superpower in CS:GO?
– I don’t know, but we were really strong during the 1.6 days. But I believe the French scen is becoming as great as the Swedish scene.

Caught by suprise

The game between LDLC and the Finnish underdogs was a hard fought battle where two completely different play styles collided. The game started on Cache, where the Finnish team continued with their aggressive pushes that had brought them all the way to the semi finals. Unfortunately for the fins, they never truly could rattled the French stars.

– We knew that they are really aggressive, but just how aggressive they are caught us a bit of guard. And when we reached 15-8 on Dust 2 on the second map we were unable to finish the game.

Eventually LDLC took out the last 3DMAX player and advanced to the finals. Where they will either face the last remaining Swedish hope, or they will have to face their nemesis from France.



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