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Gaming Resort’s CEO confirms no prize money will be paid out: ”I see it just as a minor set back”

av Simon Engstrand
Sasa Bulic, the third person from the left.
Sasa Bulic, the third person from the left.

Piece by piece the Gaming Paradise esports event fell apart.
And in the aftermath of the chaos it’s now confirmed that prize money won’t be paid for the attending teams.
– I see it just as a minor set back in our plans for world domination, Gaming Resort CEO, Sasa Bulic, tells Aftonbladet Esport.

In September 2015 the esports event Gaming Paradise was hosted in a collaboration between The Gaming Resort and Gaming.RS. In a tournament that was meant to become a mix of relaxation and competition chaos broke lose as money were missing and fundamental things, such as Gaming PC:s, were not prepared.

As things fell apart the Gaming.RS CEO, Petar Markovic, started doubting if prize money were even going to be paid out.
– When I realized the hotel was not paid for, that we were not getting pai and the Dota2 tournament was canceled, then one big thought just popped up and I was like ‘If nothing is paid, how can we even expect the prize money will be paid?’, Markovic told Aftonbladet Esport in an in-depth interview on the subject.

And now it seems he was right. The prize money isn’t going to be paid out, the winners of the CS:GO tournament, Kinguin, now G2, says in a statement.
”The Gaming Resorts claims that the company holds no assets to cover losses, and as such, will automatically be declared bankrupt within the next three months. It adds that, even if the case goes to court, G2 and the other interested parties will not receive the prize money they are owed”.

Aftonbladet Esport reached out to The Gaming Resort’s CEO, Sasa Bulic. He holds the highest responsibility for the failure Gaming Paradise became. However, he does seem to take it all quite lightly.
– I can confirm it. I see it just as a minor set back in our plans for world domination. We plan to comeback in gaming in few years, after debts are taken care off. It makes me happy to see we are still so popular, he tells Aftonbladet Esport.

However, the seriousness of this statement could be taken with a pinch of salt, as he ends with:
– Hail Satan!

Here is Aftonbladet Esports in-depth article about Gaming Paradise.

Update December 12: Sasa Bulic has published a new statement that can be found here.



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