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HeatoN to start streaming his ”road to Global Elite” during Area08

av Björn Ehrnberg
Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen and Andjela Frankie Kusmuk from Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Area 08 is a summer camp is dedicated to eSports and will take place this summer in Sweden. And while kids from all over the country will meet up to hone their skills in CS:GO, LOL and Dota2, a legendary player will be sitting next to them, streaming the game for the first time.
– I’m gonna start with an entirely new account since I’m so bad at the game these days, and I hope it will be like a story on my progress towards Global Elite, Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen says to Aftonbladet Esport.

This summer, Ninjas in Pyjamas partner up with Eventosaurus to arrange an eSports summer camp for kids. Alongside some of the biggest names in Counter-Strike, LOL and Dota2, the aspiring players will receive lessons on the games and learn about the value of team spirit. The camp is an event striving to break even – where whatever profit will go to making the tickets cheaper. At time of writing, there’s only 30 spots left out of the 150 original tickets.

”Just want eSports to keep on growing”

While the kids are taught everything from the basics of the game to some of the most advanced strategies from famous players, a certain legend will begin a new chapter in his eSports career.
– There’s been so many fans asking me to start streaming, that I’ve entertained the idea for a long time. And this event feels like a perfect place to start, Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen says to Aftonbladet Esport.
– I’ve loved all those comments trying to convince me to start streaming and I really appreciate the fact that people still remember what I’ve done throughout my career. HeatoN reveals that whatever proceeds he will be making from the stream will go to a charity, though he’s not certain which charity it will be.
– I just want eSports to keep on growing.

”Want the place to feel alive”

While there’s still 30 spots open for the public, Andjela Frankie Kusmuk – the organizer of the entire event – is open to give away the remaining tickets to people or teams that might not afford the tickets.
– If you are 14 or 15 years old you might not have a job on the side of school and the kids parents might not have the economy to send their child to this camp.

This will be the first Area 08 arranged, how are you feeling?
– I’m really nervous. I don’t want them to get to the camp and miss something or that something will go wrong, Kusmuk says while HeatoN fills in:
– We want the place to feel alive during the entire event, so we’ll have indie developers showcase their games and famous coaches as well as players will come to the event. And I’ll be sitting there streaming, he says with a big smile and continues:
– We want to make eSports summer camps as a natural as soccer or hockey summer camps and it would be awesome if we could help esports reach that hight.

Several companies chipped in

Area 08 is a completely nonprofit event, and all the money that have been acquired through sponsors have lowered the prize of the tickets. And some of the most famous companies in Sweden have chipped in to lower the prize.
– When I was able to send an email to all the parents who had already paid for their kids and tell them that we would refund them about 122 dollars I was euphoric, Kusmuk says.
– My favorite was a father who was first to press the button and book a spot for his son. He immediately sent me an email asking wether he got a ticket, but after a while he realized that we had an age restriction.

”We have to lower the age restriction”

The father then sent an email explaining how much his son loves CS:GO and Ninjas in Pyjamas, wishing for his son to still be able to attend the summer camp.
– I said: ”ok, we have to lower the age restriction so not only his son can attend, but also all the other kids who are as passionate about this as him”. Said and done, if you’re a 14-year old plus eSports fan in Sweden, you can read more about the event on the official page.



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