Mod645 on the recent success: ”I don’t think I have realized how far I’ve come”

av Björn Ehrnberg
Mod645 (to the right) along side his team Embrace, the newly crowned champions of Birdie.

Few have taken the CS:GO with an unnoticed storm quite like Marcus ”Mod645” Mod.
The highly sought after administrator will now control all future Dreamhack event, and now he can aslo title himself as the champion of Birdie – a small LAN event in Sweden – as his team Embrace took home the finale against EaglesGaming.
– It feels great, it is the second year in a row that we take home this tournament, Mod says to Aftonbladet Esport.

The creation of former 1.6-star, Embrace, become the champion of the LAN event Birdie. Embrace bring home about 2 300 Euros after the victory over EaglesGaming and no one are more proud than manager, coach and overall caretaker of the team, Marcus ”Mod645” Mod.

As of late, few people have become as huge in the CS:GO world under the radar as Mod645. After administrating Fragbite Masters as well as several smaller LAN events in Sweden, the Strängäs native now will be the judge and server admin of the upcoming Dreamhack tournaments that will take place during this year.

While the whole world was watching the recent Dreamhack Tours tourney in Paris, Anders Blume and Auguste ”Semmler” Massonnat made a shout-out for the young claiming he was the best admin in the CS:GO-scene right now and the famous caster duo elaborated on the fact that Mod645 doesn’t take any prisoners and have no ambition on being friends with the superstars of teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas and Virtus.Pro.
– Some of the players have felt like it has been a problem. Especially during Fragbite Master, a few voiced the opinion that I was to harsh on the players, but if they are not on the server when they should be I give them a warning. And they should be there independent on whether the casters are ready or not, Mod645 says to Aftonbladet Esport and continues:
– But you have to teach the player that it we are the one controlling the event. As of late, I don’t have to yell at them as much as I used to because they know what’s up.

There’s been so many delays in CS:GO tournaments in recent years, are some of the attributed to the players?
– I haven’t really understood how that can be. One hour before the game I ask the teams if they are ready and make sure they will be on the server on time. Once the knife round has ended, players can tell the admin that they have to pee, at those moments I start asking my self ’you had an hour to prepare for the game, how can that preparation not include the toilet?’ And that stuff happens on LAN as well.

How have the recent success on your admin career felt for you?
– It’s been fantastic, overwhelming. I don’t think I have realized how far I’ve come just yet.

The referee of some of the biggest games in the Counter Strike world is also a huge fan of the game. While his time playing the actual game have declined a lot since the work load have risen, his effort with his team Embrace have not.

The winners of Birdie LAN is a team created by David ”Godlike” Livmar and during the 1.6 era had amongst many, Patrik ”f0rest” Lindberg in the line up. After a few years as a resting organization, Godlike once more brought the team back to participate in the CS:GO community.

Mod645 describes the team as a dedicated group of friends who take the game very seriously despite knowing they probably never will break into the group of professional organizations. Embrace had a week long bootcamp ahead of the Birdie event and you could see the effort come alive during the final against EagleGaming. With a devastating CT side on Mirage and a brilliant T side on Cobblestone, the Swedes beat their foes and are now 2 300 Euros richer.

The team consist of Godlike, Samuel ”decent” OldenburgJoachim ”darti” FornstedtSimon ”atter” Atterstam och William ”tease” Sid.
– Decent, Godlike and darti have been playing together since the team reemerged and we recently acquired atter and tease to the squad. It’s not like they are putting all eggs in the basket and go for a CS:GO career, but they are not slacking either. They bootcamped ahead of Birdie where they learn all the smokes, calls and watch a lot of professional demos. Usually we avoid the big mainstream tournaments and LAN:s because of the nicer feeling surrounding the event.

What does the future hold for Embrace?
– Now we will sit down and talk with all the players whether they want to continue, and when we have that all sorted out we will start to look for all most suitable tournament we can attend through the rest of the year.

Whether or not you will hear more from Embrace depends on your willingness to follow low key CS:GO tournaments on the Swedish scene. However, be on the look out for the referee telling the superstars to log on to the server in order for the audience to experience the great FPS game on schedule.



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