Team Property announces new CS:GO lineup

av Björn Ehrnberg
Delpan, Emilio, Spitfire, Jumpy och Zet bildar Team Propertys nya CS:GO-lag
Delpan, Emilio, Spitfire, Jumpy och Zet bildar Team Propertys nya CS:GO-lag

On Wednesday morning the bomb dropped. Team Property will make a comeback on the CS:GO scene.
– It feels great. It has been to long since we had a team in Counterstrike, Aron Larsson, chairman of Team Property, told Aftonbladet.

The rumors have been spreading – but now the roster is finally set. On the backs of Marcus ”zet” Sundström, Marcus ”Delpan” Larsson, Jimmy ”Jumpy” Berndtsson, Christian ”Spitfire” Schiölde and Joel ”emilio” Mako, Team Property strive for new riches. And after several months with out a line up, the chairman now feels pleased with the new team.
– When we had the old team we noticed that CS:GO sort of have become the national esport in Sweden, and we obviously want to compete in the biggest of games. We also find it weird that we only have two big teams in this country and now we have our goals set on competing against Ninjas in Pyjamas and Fnatic.

”Very experienced players”

The teams first lan scrimmage will be at Gigacon in Norway.

There’s a relatively short timeframe before that competition. Do you feel the players have been given enough time to settle in and to play at the top of their ability?
– Our players are very experienced, and they know how to play as a team. But right now the need to focus on retaining the level of play they have within them.

How far does the players contracts strech?
– This is a long term investment from our part, and CS:GO is the game we allocate most resources for. But, as for most teams, we will evaluate the situation as Christmas times roll by, but at this very moment we will not disclose how the contracts are structured.

”Invested a lot of money”

But what kind of succes will it take this set of roster to be allowed to keep playing under the Team Property flag?
– That’s like asking how long a rope is. Vi will obviously look at how each individual player perform, but as of now we focus on getting the team ready to compete at the highest level. And as Dreamhack Winter rolls around, we wish to see some success – solely on the fact that we have invested a lot of money.

Meanwhile, the new manager of the Team, Jerry “Vetic” Fors, is eager to get the team rolling.
– We are all glad to be a part of Team Property. We’re looking forward to the upcoming tournaments this year and will fight for good results. As for me, I’m super stoked being given the opportunity to build the next big team in CS:GO.



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