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Newcomer jdm64 about CLG’s choking: ”It’s so frustrating not being able to close it out”

av Simon Engstrand
Josh "jdm64" Marzano
Josh ”jdm64” Marzano

For the hopeful Americans of Counter Logic Gaming, the major tournament ESL One Cologne became quite a disappointment.
They got eliminated in the group stages, but they did managed to bring close results against top teams.
– It’s just so frustrating not being able to close it out, jdm64 tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The hope for North America in the major tournament ESL One Cologne died early. As the group stages ended, Counter Logic Gaming and Cloud9 had met their superiors and been denied the dream title. Still, the american AWP:er from CLG, Josh ”jdm64” Marzano, tries to look at the positives.
– In a way I’m happy with our teams performance. It’s hard to be mad and disappointed when you do put numbers against these top 5 teams in the world. It’s just so frustrating not being able to close it out, jdm64 tells Aftonbladet Esport.

”We got over that hump”

Through out the entire tournament, Counter Logic Gaming have played close matches and delivered strong results against top rated teams. However, the americans did not manage to leave victorious from a single battle. A reoccurring problem, according to jdm64.
– I think it’s actually been a problem with us for a while, even at Gamescom we did the same exact thing against TSM. We had this problem in North American, when we played NA teams like Team Liquid, for the longest time, the AWP:er says and continues:
– Eventually we got over that, we got over that hump, and now we’re just like able to beat them in a best-of-three 2-0, and we’re confident going in against NA teams. I think it’s just that we need more time and more events. The more events we get to, the closer we’re getting. We’re hoping that we’re like the old TSM, when they were in that streak. And TSM is insane now.

Does the frustration effect you in game?
– Not really, if anything I think it just motivates me to play smarter or play harder. It’s just 100 percent frustrating, but in the next match you just forget about it. Or you try forgetting about it. Because if you keep thinking about it it’s gonna effect you in that game too.

For the future, the team is looking to expand their map pool, something they consider a key to becoming a top level team. On an individual note, jdb64 knows that he is a newcomer to the scene and still have things to learn.
– It’s the first time I’ve been to all these events. I don’t have the experience and each event I’m learning so much and I can see my level improving.

Is it like the next level of counter-strike?
– Yeah, it is. I honestly feel like I’m getting there, it’s just gonna take time. And I’m willing to be patient and work my ass off to get better.

The rise of North America

Lately, a lot of esport organizations have dropped their american CS:GO squads. Hence a lot of players are currently not supported nor under contracts. As the smoke settles, we could be seeing new american lineups arise from a shuffle. But according to jbm64, this is might not be the best way to go.
– I think if any teams decide to start sticking with their roster and working on improving as a team, we might see more top level NA teams. I think that’s the problem right now. It’s just us and Cloud9 that are stable rosters and you have all these other NA teams that are just switching up everything. Yeah, sometimes they do need to switch up, but if you keep switching you’re gonna go back to square one every single time.

Cloud9 was also knocked out in the group stage, and in the end it was more or less the same old european teams fighting for the title. Was the rise of NA just temporary?
– Cloud9 are on the rise and we are on the rise too. We just need more time. The format itself goes to the advantage of the underdogs. And in Cloud9’s case I would say Kinguin was more of the underdog.
– It was hard for me to see them and us not getting through. Especially them, because we played Na’vi and they played Kinguin, and my eyes we have less of a chance of getting through than they do playing Kinguin. I think it was just a bad day for them, and they just got caught off guard.



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