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Premiere: ”AFK With… Nathan ”NBK” Schmitt”

av Björn Ehrnberg, Tobias Lundgren

Aftonbladet Esport has, since we launched the site in September 2014, wanted to focus on uncovering what the biggest stars are like as people.
What motivates them, what drives them and how they work tediously to remain where they are, on top of the esports food chain?
Now we launch a new project aiming to give the fans of said athletes even more insight to the greatest name and having them tell the story how they ended up in a situation where they are adored by hundreds of thousands all over the world.

In the first episode of ”AFK with…” we meet Nathan ”NBK” Schmitt of Team EnvyUs. After a huge reshuffle on the French CS:GO scene during the summer of 2014, the then LDLC rose to the top of the CS:GO world.

In this extended talk with NBK we go through his journey to the highest echelon of one of the fastest growing esport games right now. We also talk about NBK:s upbringing, the tough matches VeryGames had to endure against Ninjas in Pyjamas and why LDLC decided to leave the organization and become Team EnvyUs.

We hope you’ll enjoy this premiere episode and feel free to give us feedback on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Sincerely // The Aftonbladet Esport crew



00.25 How he discovered gaming

02.23 Why he chose NBK as a nickname

03.20 NBK starts to play competitively

05.45 Being supported by his family

07.55 What he had to give up for a pro career

09.50 Learning from older teammates

11.25 Alternative careers / The best thing about being a pro

15.00 Differences between the Source and CS:GO scene

17.00 Switching from being an AWP:er to rifling

18.00 The NiP rivalry

19.55 Battling with GeT_RiGhT on Dust2

22.10 The victory at DreamHack Winter 2014

24.45 The Fnatic boost

28.00 What happened during the ”French scene shuffle”

29.50 Discusses teams who brag about player salaries

31.00 The betting scandal and pros not being allowed to bet

35.25 The issue with DDoS attacks

36.55 Discussing wether or not pros should be paid more

38.30 Compendiums to sponsor CS:GO tournaments

41.08 His views on a ”The International” for CS:GO

44.30 Career thoughts after his professional career ends



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