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The prizepool of Pantamera IOS: 29 000 dollars

av Björn Ehrnberg

The prize pool for the upcoming event in Stockholm, Pantamera IOS, will be 28 998 US dollars. A number possible thanks to young Swedes eagerness to recycle aluminum cans.
– I’m going to be honest here, but the esports world was something that we had little prior knowledge about, but right now it feels fantastic, Rickard Andersson of Returpack told Aftonbladet Esport.

On Saturday the best teams in the world will participate in a CS:GO-tourney at Inferno Online in the central parts of Stockholm. Virtus.Pro, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Titan, LGB Esports, Fnatic and EnvyUs will fight it out for a prize pool close to 30 000 USD.

The majority of which was created by recycling aluminum cans. Through the use of an app made for this event only, environmentally aware esports fans and the effort put forth by Inferno Online the cash prize grew daily and live at pantameraforesporten.se.
– Inferno Online is the forth best location in Sweden when it comes to recycling where there is no recycling machine, Rickard Andersson told Aftonbladet Esports. He continues:
– Prior to the creation of this tournament we noticed that young men in Sweden are the worst at recycling and our ambition with this tourney is to create a change in attitude and at the same time give something back to the esport community.

Crowdfunded 16 800 dollars

Returpack, the company behind almost all recycling of aluminum cans in Sweden, is owned by companies who daily deliver products in the aforementioned metal. In Sweden you receive 1 SEK for every used bottle or can that you turn in to recycling stations, something referred to as ”pantning.” From the start, Returpack donated 100 000 SEK, roughly 12 000 dollars, to the prize pool. The rest of the 239 001 SEK big prize pool, 16 800 dollars, came from crowdfunding through ”pantning.”
– It will be very exiting to see the pros go at it during this event, said Rickard Andersson.

Who do you think will win it?
– I hope that one of the Swedish teams will win it, but I’m fairly new to esports in general.



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