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Swedish duo on their way to North American CS:GO team Ace Gaming

av Tobias Lundgren
Maxaki and LillRobban on their way to North America. Photo: Fragbite.se / Private
Maxaki and LillRobban on their way to North America. Photo: Fragbite.se / Private

An exodus of Swedish CS:GO talent seems to be happening, and they’re all heading towards North America.
First, former Team Orbit member Pyth joined Luminosity and now his ex-manager Robert ”LillRobban” Jonasson is set to coach Ace Gaming and bring Andreas ”maxaki” Andersson with him.
– They contacted me after my ”open letter to CLG” on Reddit, but nothing is one hundred percent confirmed, Jonasson tells Aftonbladet Esport.

Robert ”LillRobban” Jonasson, former London Conspiracy– and Team Orbit manager, wrote a Reddit post regarding CounterLogic Gaming’s announcement of an open tryout. In the thread he mentioned a couple of talented European players, which led to former Copenhagen Wolves member Casper ”cadiaN” Møller being contacted by the organization.

”Asked if I was ready for a new task”

For Jonasson, the post also led to him being approached by Ace Gaming, who are currently 0-3 in the ESL ESEA Pro League. Plans started forming and now, if everything goes as planned, him and former Team Orbit player Andreas ”maxaki” Andersson will move to North America and represent the organization as coach and player respectively.
– I mostly wrote the post for fun, to show the community which unsigned talents were available in Europe. Then they contacted me and asked if I was ready for a new task on the other side of the Atlantic, Jonasson tells Aftonbladet Esport.

”Need to get them to play calmer”

The preparations are underway but nothing is one hundred percent locked down yet. But Jonasson already knows what he’s looking to improve in Ace Gaming.
– We need to work on the communication and getting them to play calmer. More methodical and less gambles, to get rid of the NA pug meta.
When it comes to European players leaving for North America, Jacob ”pyth” Mourujärvi to Luminosity and cadiaN seemingly on his way to CLG, he thinks the calmness and communication is what they can teach the North American players, but that the aim levels are similar.

How do you think maxaki will measure up against the top players across the Atlantic?
– With motivation and dedication he’ll be among the top players. And his European calling style will also be a big step forward for Ace.

”Goal is to have a top team next season”

What will be your goals for the team going forward, looking at ESL ESEA Pro League for instance?
– The goal is to have a top team for next season. This season is about finding our game and to evolve. We don’t have a placement in mind now.

When you wrote about your plans on Reddit, it was mentioned that Stephan ”vEz” Vezina has been suspended for cheating in the past. What are your thoughts on that?
– He got his punishment and is clean. I’ve told him that I’ll give him one chance. As long as he is permitted to play majors he’s ok for me, but of course it doesn’t look good.

Jonasson thinks that the deal with Ace will be confirmed later this week.



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