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Swedish veteran becomes teacher at professional CS:GO education

av Simon Engstrand
Petter "iLight" Arvidsson
Petter ”iLight” Arvidsson

Ever since the Swedish school Strömbäck Folkhögskola announced their new full time professional CS:GO education, they’ve searched far and wide for a suitable teacher.
Now Aftonbladet Esport can reveal that the Swedish veteran Petter ”iLight” Arvidsson has been picked for the job.
– I’m an old man now, but it’ll still be great to get a chance to re-live it all, the former spiXel player tells Aftonbladet Esport.

Back in February, we wrote a story about Strömbäck Folkhögskola who announced the first ever professional CS:GO education in Sweden. Since then, one of their biggest challenges have been to find a suitable teacher to guide the students towards potentially becoming the world’s best Counter-Strike player.

Now Aftonbladet Esport can reveal it’s the former spiXel player Petter ”iLight” Arvidsson who have been chosen for the task.
– It’s a frightening mix of delight, the veteran says about returning to esports.

”Hopefully it’s a bit like learning to ride a bike”

iLight was in his prime around 2005, with his Swedish squad of spiXel, along with players such as Dennis ”walle” Wallenberg and Björn ”Bullen” Wall. In 2004 they came in second at one of the years biggest tourneys, ESWC 2004.

How are you working to come back and teach after all these years?
– Hopefully it’s a bit like learning to ride a bike. Right now I’m going to work hard to find players and other business people to come in as guests and lecture, who I can learn from as well.
– They [Strömbäck] were probably hoping to find a bigger name, but I think I’ve made a good impression and they chose to ”gamble” on me.
– I know what it’s like to work your way up. Starting at home, taking a step forward and finding a good team, doing well online, be accused of cheating, go to LAN:s and play like crap – I know all that. I think I’ll see much of myself in the students, you have to spend so much time under as good circumstances as possible.

Great interest

The interest for the education has been great. So far around 50 persons have applied. In total there are 15 slots available, which Strömbäck wants to fill with 10 men and 5 woman. As of now however, they hope more woman will apply.
– Our most important job is to find which applicants have potential. I mean, they already have 5000 ours in-game so it’s not like they’re beginners that need to learn how to shoot.

This weekend Strömbäck Folkhögskola have their own showcase at Dreamhack Masters in Malmö, giving iLight the opportunity to meet other veterans on site. And after he’s seen the gigantic arena filled with Swedish fans, it seems the competitive spirit starts to linger inside.
– Seeing how everything has evolved makes you regret you ever quit – and I think many other do as well. Although, I’m an old man now, but it’ll still be great to get a chance to re-live it all, iLight says.



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