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Wyvern’s elZi about the female scene in CS:GO: ”People shit talk each other so much”

av Simon Engstrand
Wyvern Esports, with Ellen "elZi" Simu to the far right.
Wyvern Esports, with Ellen ”elZi” Simu to the far right.

Copenhagen Games female tournament is just around the corner.
Many roster moves have occurred ahead of the event and Wyvern Esport’s Ellen ”elZi” Simu believes the scene’s constant changes hinders it’s evolution.
– Eventually they grow tired and say ”we don’t click”. Unfortunately I think it’s just a very common excuse when people leave teams, she says.

The classical LAN event Copenhagen Games kicks off today, Wednesday. Competitors from all over the world gather in the Danish capital to face off in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Starcraft 2 and FIFA.

When it comes to CS:GO, the event organizers also offer a separate tournament for female players only. Swedish Wyvern Esports is attending and the squad has gathered in Stockholm to boot camp for the event.

”Genders shouldn’t compete separately”

Some of the world’s best teams will attend the event, such as CLG Red, Team Karma and Team Secret. Wyvern’s AWP:er, Ellen ”elZi” Simu, believes their squad have a good chance at performing strong in the tourney.
– It’ll be insanely fun to attend Copenhagen Games. It’s an extremely large event with several of the world’s top 20 teams competing, the Swede says and continues:
– We have a very strong female team, with different kinds of individuals that are very skilled in their own unique roles.

What do you think about hosting separate female tournaments?
– It’s great. You get to compete in your own ”class”, so to speak. However, I also believe you shouldn’t make out males and females to be different. We’re talking about computer games, so what differences are there really?

In esports there’s a hefty gap between male and females when it comes to the number of of recognized players. elZi thinks it’s simply because the pool of male players is much larger.
– If you’re looking to fill your team with the best players, there are so many more to choose from among men.
– I still don’t think the genders should compete separately. Female teams are allowed to compete in the ”normal” tourneys, but there aren’t any who have shown they belong there. So it’s just fair.

”People shit talk each other so much”

The team’s current lineup has been together since the end of January and met through common friends. In their past lies several roster changes.
elZi explains that players moves are very common in female teams and that there’s been plenty of them going on ahead of Copenhagen Games. She thinks it’s a big problem which hinders the evolution for the female scene.

Usually the roster moves happens because some players aren’t able to take criticism, she says.
– Deep inside they take it very personally, and eventually grow tired and say ”we don’t click”. Unfortunately I think it’s just a very common excuse when people leave teams and look for new ones.
– You need to be open minded and have respect for each other. You can’t walk around without expressing what you believe can be improved, thinking the criticism might hurt someone. It’s just not going to work. You have to be honost and say what’s not working. The five of us all agree on that and it’s going super.

Many, if not a vast majority, of the scene’s female players are all members of a – for the public – secret Facebook-group. And according to elZi the atmosphere is often spiteful.
– There are so many comments and arguments that haven’t been thought through. People shit talk each other so much.



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