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Zeves: If we get Mirage against Titan I think we’ll crush them

av Björn Ehrnberg


LGB Esports stood for one of the major upsets of 2015 so far when the Norwegian team beat Virtus.Pro on Cache in the second round of Pantamera CS:GO Challenge.
And afterwards, the team captain was filled with confidence going into the rest of the tournament.
– If we get to face Titan on Mirage, we will crush them, he said with a confident grim, Morten ”Zeves” Vollan says.

The Norwegian team LGB Esports earned a spot at IOS Pantamera through online qualifiers. After a shaky start where DDOS-attacks were close to bringing down the entire tourney, the underdogs from Norway the tournament started off with a big bang – only not in a positive way –  when Ninjas in Pyjamas took the only qualified team to town on Dust2.
– The morale was quite low after the game against NiP. With Mikail ”Maikelele” Bill instead of Robin ”Fifflaren” Johansson they had a very powerful double AWP setup and they just picked us apart.

”I believe I tricked Pasha”

In the second game of the day, LGB Esports faced off against Virtus.Pro – on VP:s ”home soil” Cache. The game was a hard fought battle with the Norwegian side eventually prevailing much thanks to zEVES individual brilliance and mind games.
–  Not to be cocky but when I got two kills on bomb site B during the P250 eco round I believe I tricked Pasha and forced him to make a major misstake. He went to pick what he thought was a kit, but it was in fact a grenade and it made him miss the defuse. After the eco round we could just roll on that, zEVES told Aftonbladet Esports.

How have you guys prepared for the tournament?

– We just qualified last week and we haven’t had much practice. We’re a new team and just took in Pål ”Polly” Kammen and the recent weeks have been packed with games.

”KennyS is just the best in the world”

What’s your feeling going up against a reborn Titan next?

– I don’t think we’ll play Cache against them. KennyS is so good with the AWP, and even though Polly is a great AWP:er KennyS is just the best in the world. So Cache is not the map to play against them. But I think that if we get Mirage we’re gonna crush them.



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