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Znajder on GODSENT:s struggles: ”We came in [to Dreamhack] with zero confidence”

av Simon Engstrand
Andreas "znajder" Lindberg. Foto: Adela Sznajder, Dreamhack.
Andreas ”znajder” Lindberg. Foto: Adela Sznajder, Dreamhack.

Swedish GODSENT have been praised by fans as one of the big hopes for future CS:GO.
However, when the team steps down from the big arenas they have delivered some lackluster results online.
Yet they still somehow managed to beat some of the worlds best teams at Dreamhack Summer 2016.
– When we realized that we actually can play, we just wanted to get revenge on NiP, Andreas ”znajder” Lindberg tells Aftonbladet Esport.

Andreas ”znajder” Lindberg and his gang of Swedes in GODSENT pendulum between the top and lower tiers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While they’ve gained thousands of fans thanks to their strong offline performance, they just haven’t been able to bring the same force online. But it seems to be kind of obvious something clicks when they meet each other and play on LAN.

As of right now, the squad are set to play in yet another Dreamhack semi final. Last time was at Dreamhack Masters in Malmö, where they ended up falling against NiP in a close and nerve-racking series. On Saturday GODSENT once again stepped up on stage to play in front the Swedish crowd and managed to defeat both HellRaisers and their rivals, NiP.
– It’s great to be here, but a lot depends on how the tournament goes – I mean, that’s what we’re here for, znajder tells Aftonbladet Esport and continues:
– But I love all the fans and that people are so damn hyped, I like it.

Ahead of the tourney in southern Sweden however, the players were – to say the least – not confident this would be a good tournament for them. The practice matches online have gone downhill for some time.
– We boot camped after a long break, and it’s gone really bad. We’ve been crushed in every single match so we came here with zero confidence. We were probably more worried ahead of the HellRaisers match, but when we realized that we can actually play, we just wanted to get revenge on NiP.
– We feel we completely threw away that match in Malmö. They’re a great team of course, I’m really happy we won, but I think we all feel that the victory against HellRaisers is what made things come together.

So are you on top now, mentality wise?
– Hopefully. It’s hard to say considering we’ve played to bad before these two matches. There’s not a lot to look at, but if we continue to play like yesterday I’m sure we’ll reach the finals.

It feels like people have a hard time knowing where to put you. You come to LAN events and perform great, but then things seem to fall apart online. How good would you say GODSENT are?
– I’d say somewhere around top 10. We’ve still got a lot to learn of course, we have two young players who need some time. Easily top 10, but I wouldn’t dare say anything about our short- and longterm goals. If we can keep this up, then that’s awesome.

It definitely seems GODSENT have had some rough times ahead of Dreamhack Summer. However, the squads most recent investment might turn the tides. About one and a half weeks ago the entire troop moved in together in a team house located in the southern parts of Swedens capital.
– It feels really great, but we’ll see how it goes. It’s very different and maybe everyone won’t like it. I mean, it’s really ”nerdy”.

On Monday GODSENT are set to compete in the Dreamhack Summer semi finals in front of the ever excited home crowd. There they’ll face the winners of the ongoing match between SK Gaming and Immortals.
– We’ll keep fighting and hope for the best, znajder says about their future in the tourney.



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