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Lemondogs sign 4 Friends + Chrillee: ”It’s an amazing opportunity”

av Björn Ehrnberg

4 Friends + Chrillee have been signed by Lemondogs and will now be playing under the Swedish organization.
The ambition is to become a regular contestant on the tournament circuit.
– We have been playing against professional players as amateurs for a long time now, but this is an amazing opportunity for us, team Christopher ”Chrillee” Wåhlin tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The name 4 Friends + Chrillee came about when the young mathematician Christopher ”Chrillee” Wåhlin actually was late for a team meeting, where the name of the team would be decided. The name was settled as a joke against Chrillee.

”Want to compete at the highest level”

Now the team will change name and start playing under a new flag. The Swedish organization Lemondogs have ventured in to the world of Dota2 and signed the team.
– We want to compete at the highest level, but we will need time to make that happen. We need to win more open qualifiers to then frequently be invited to the biggest tournaments, Daniel ”pani” Aicardi tells Aftonbladet Esport.

Will try and break the Alliance and NiP dominance

The team now consist of Tobias ”eresloco” EverhornStaffan ”Steffstyle” SolinEskil ”eskillz” Sundblad, Mathis ”Jabbz” Friesel and Chrillee.

What once was a team focusing on having fun will now try and break the dominance of Ninjas in Pyjamas and Alliance on the Swedish Dota2-scene. They have set long-term goals and even though they don’t really believe they might be invited for the qualifiers for The International 5, they are one game away from promotion in JoinDotas league.
– It feels great to finally, after all these years, to get paid doing the thing I love the most, Chrillee tells Aftonbladet Esport.

”Will make a difference for all gamers”

The backing from Lemondogs is made possible by Esportal, who not only organize a major tournament – but also are building a platform for Dota2-players.
– Esportals vision is to create a state of the art online e-sport Arena for the elite and mass-market players that will enhance every aspect of the competitive gaming experience. We want to take away the hassle surrounding the gaming by adding matchmaking, gather-functions and team event game play and working close with 4FC is an important part in order to develop a place which will make a big difference for all gamers,  says Erik Lindblom, CEO at Esportal.



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