A short visit to DreamHack Summer

av Madeleine Leander

For the first time I made a really short visit to DreamHack in Jönköping. Just a single day, but a day filled with awesomeness.

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Anti muscle-up bar :).

Me and Tom “Endars” drove from Stockholm in the morning. The ride took about 3,5 hours and I don’t think we had more than a few minutes of silence. Endars in on a tight diet and is preparing for a bodybuilding competition. So of course we had to talk about that! It’s pretty amazing how you can shape your body with dedication. Actually I don’t think I’ve ever cared less about the way I look. The more I train the more I realize that I can shape my body the way I want, when and if I want to.

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Before entering DreamHack we also took a short break at an “outdoor gym”. It had one anti muscle-up bar and parallell bars. The weather was great and it was a perfect way to collect some energy before entering the venue filled with people.

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We went to DreamHack to cast the finals of the Swedish Championship, ESPORTSM, in StarCraft 2. It was a Zerg vs Zerg. I was very excited as I love watching ZvZ. The former Swedish Champion, Zanster, went up against Sortof.

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It started pretty one sided as Sortof took two clean wins to begin the series. But Zanster came back and the score was 2-2. It was time for the final map and Sortof did something a bit unexpected. He went for a 10 pool speedling opening. It turned into a crazy game with constant action with Zerglings and banelings (the best kind of action!). Even I was nervous as I know what a difference a single click can make. One baneling could be the difference between winning the Swedish Championship and getting second place. Zanster decided to go for the +1 carapace to make his Zerglings stronger and so that they could survive a Baneling hit. It was his original plan for the map and it turned out to be a great choice since Sortof just continued to put pressure on him with Zerglings and Banelings. It sure was a crazy match and a good series. Congratz to Zanster who won in the end!

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Next year I’m hoping for more StarCraft 2 at DreamHack. It actually felt pretty strange that there was no DreamHack Open tournament in StarCraft 2. Luckily there is some SC2 action soon at DreamHack Valencia! Me and Endars will be back then to cast the playoffs on Swedish Television :).

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