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We asked a two professional players and the film Producer of NiP on their opinion on the revamp of de_train. This is what they answered,

”Well personally I find the map quite interesting, it seems to be more T sided now which should make the map more balanced than what it was previously. I have only played it once in matchmaking, but with some work I think it has a lot of potential as a competitive map.” – Mattye, myXMG female

”I think its great that valve are making new maps available to the map pool, the map itself seems quite a cool idea. I have only played the map a handful of times there are some pros and cons to the map. The only big change id like in train, is for the bombsite on A to go back to how it was in css and cs 1.6 but thats maybe just me being picky. I hope that valve listens to all the pros before involving the map in majors so the any bugs can be fixed before it becomes into the map pool offically.” – RedsnK (Team Infused)

”Train itself as a map has had and still will always have the place as a favourite map of mine. Looking at the ”successor” of the previous version it seems to be a lot of fun to explore. New things always spice things up, leaving asides the obvious parts as in looks and more of the map it generally plays really good – the areas are more open, the outside invites for fast pushes and i feel that with proper worked out tactics this map will feature a lot of fast paced styles. The one thing i personally hate is that you have to apparently run out in the open to face the T-Middle either from alley or directly on site, it feels to me personally that once people are on the outer bombsite you have little to no chance to retake it with the big green except bringing an outstanding individual performance to the table.” – Tweeday

The map is live and you can play it in competitive matchmaking and several other game modes, so what are you waiting for? IT’S DE_TRAIN WEEKEND!



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