Back to casting, the smartest player won

av Madeleine Leander

It feels like forever ago. E-sport-SM had a long break but yesterday it was time again. It was a lot of fun and I’m really happy to be back casting with Tom ”EndarS” Bramler.

Foto: Mathias Nordlander
Me and Endars. Photographer: Mathias Nordlander

We had four great players competing for one spot to advance in the tournament. Every year so far Rickard ”SortOf” Bergman has managed to qualify during the first qualifier of the season. But not this time. Sortof made it to the finals but in the finals he didn’t play as good as he normally does. He did some early mistakes and supply blocks. I know how frustrating that can be and it’s easy to lose focus when you do mistakes you know you can’t afford. This year Sortof failed to qualify on his first try, but I really hope to see more of him in the coming qualifiers.

Selfie number one. Me and Sortof.

Stefan ”MorroW” Andersson seems to have found his way back to StarCraft 2. He seems to really love to play as of late, and I think that is why he is improving a lot right now. He managed to take the win and was the first player to qualify. Before the match against Sortof he explained how they are good friends and play at a similar level. He said that mind games would determine the outcome of the match. The smartest player would win. After the match he was happy to say he was the smarter of the two. He also said he played so different that not even he knew what he was doing during one game. 

Selfie number two. Me and Morrow.
Selfie number two. Me and Morrow.

At this qualifier we also got to see Daniel ”StarNaN” Ohlsson and Emil ”Avokado” Kronberg. In the next qualifier we might get to see Benjamin ”DeMusliM” Baker (UK) who is now living in Sweden. That sure would be interesting!

Short info about e-sport-SM

The total prize pool is 100 000 SEK ~ 12000 USD.

There are four offline qualifiers featuring four players. To each offline qualifier there are two online qualifiers. The four players that manages to win an offline qualifier will meet again in the DreamHack studio in Stockholm to compete for two spots to the finals. The finals will be played at DreamHack Summer 2015. A picture of the format can be found here.

Vods can be found here.

Kim, me and Endars.
Our host Kim, me and Endars.

Some more selfies

Tom and me.
Selfie number three. Tom and me.
We got a request on twitter to flex our biceps so... :)
Selfie number four. We got a request on twitter to flex our biceps so… :).
Untitled-1 copy
Selfie number five. Me and Tom (not) casting.

I’m new to this selfie thing, am I doing it right? :). I guess I should include more people maybe?



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