Copenhagen Games – results and reflection

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A few days has passed since we all got home from our adventure In Copenhagen. Even though we did not grab a title in any of the games we competed in, we feel that our players played well. Down below you can see a small summary of all the squads placings.

Starcraft 2 8-10th place.
The Starcraft 2 tournament at Copenhagen Games turned out to attract several known faces. With it being raised to a WCS status it rewarded the top placing players WCS points and in addition the Gfinity event took place the a few days prior to the tournament. MorroW and Zanster represented Team Property on site and both of them managed to reach the last group stage before being eliminated. MorroW were taken out by Elfi and Zanster fell short against Jaedong in their last matches played.

In the end Parting were the one left standing. Not a real surprise to all of us who follow Starcraft but still our two brave souls had a good run. As the second WCS season approaches rapidly there will be limited time in preparing but it should not be a problem for these two hard working individuals.

CS:GO Female Squad – 10-12th place.
The female tournament at Copenhagen has always been a highlight in the calender for many teams to participate in. All the top squads were in the tournament alongside our girls ready to play their hearts out to win. The special thing about our lineup were the fact that it was Rambolinas and Steelyas first offline event ever.
They got the chance to play two best of threes which had the following outcome:

Team Property vs Melty FR 0-2
Team Property vs CM Storm 1-2

Even though the result wasn’t what they were hoping for, they left the tournament in high spirits. Since they have not been playing with each other for that long, there is a lot to improve. Tactics to be panned out, team synergy to come in to place. There will be more tournaments during the year and the girls will definitely work hard to improve for the challenge that awaits them!

CS:GO Male squad 8-10th place.
Coming from a tough beating at the Dustin Expo where they lost against Team Orbit 2-0 the guys were hungry for results. Thanks to our event partner Heat Gaming they had sweet gear to use at the event so they quickly jumped into their matches where they faced the following opponents:

Team Property vs Lemondogs 2-0
Team Property vs Playing Ducks 2-0
Team Property vs Publiclir 2-1
Team Property vs Games2 1-2
Team Property vs 3DMAX 0-1 (lower bracket)

Disappointment clearly showed on their faces after their last match vs 3DMAX on Dust2. Still, the competition increases in CS:GO by the day and other squads puts down just as many hours as our boys. They still have to work on their team play and focus on getting their own game mapped out. The rest of April will be a chance for them to work with their game since there is only online matches that awaits them. In May there will be a lot of events again and by that time they will come back stronger than ever before.

Wrapping up
Due to the results not being where we wished them to be, it only proves to us there are plenty to improve. Our ambition is to be a championship winning team and nothing is changing with that. The whole organization needs to work harder so we together by helping each other can reach new and better results.
Thank you everyone who came by to our players at the event and for showing your support. For all of you following us from home, we salute you as well! We will get there, together! #LetsGoProperty



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