Cowsy shares his thoughts about Birdie 2015

av Johan Ridell
Birdie Karl

Birdie 2015 is over and what an experience it was, I have gotten many new fond memories and met a lot of lovely people during my stay in Uppsala and I look forward to Dreamhack summer where I will once again meet the other guys and gals from the organization. Even though the girls didn’t made it that far into the tournament (went 3-2 in the groups) they now know exactly what they need to work on.

In the finals if IeSF we saw Zanster facing MorroW for a spot in the World Championships with Zanster coming out ahead with a clean 3-0 sweep versus his teammate and is therefore going to Lodz in Poland to compete against the best in the world.

I got to try out casting for the first time at Birdie this year, it was a really fun experience and it’s something that I would like to try again someday. I got to cast the semifinals and the final, during the final we peaked at about 5000 viewers breaking all the records in viewers Birdie has ever had. Of course the twitch chat pretty much hated us but since it was the first time both me and my co-caster has ever casted any game I still think it went okay. I think that if I’m going to cast anything else in the near future I will stick to casting on Swedish since that’s the language I’m more at home with. To be able to cast good in English you need to really fluent and you can only achieve that by talking English for a prolonged period, either you live in a English speaking country for a couple of years or you only talk English at your work etc.

What I’m going to take with me from this experience is that you should always try new things outside of your comfort zone and if I’m going to cast anymore in the future it’s all the constructive criticism from everyone who worked with the production and the twitch chat. I want to thank everyone who tuned in to the stream and I promise I will be a lot better next time I’m going to cast!

Written by: Karl ”Cowsy” Ljunggren



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