Why CTs are favored (Part 3)

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

Small details make life hard for terrorists (part 3, specific maps vol. 2)

This third and concluding article will continue right where part 2 left off, and discuss the remaining two of the previously mentioned four maps, de_inferno and de_nuke.


Playing on the CT side of de_inferno has always been considered as favorable, however, as the scene has progressed, the gap between the two sides has successively shrunk. The general opinion on a usual score after the first half would probably land somewhere in the region of 9-6 in favor of the defenders. Two of Inferno’s defining factors are discussed below.

B’s inaccessibility
– While bombsite A has a variety of entrances, ways into bombsite B are conspicuous by their absence. The only path that actually leads to B is banana, one of the deadliest choke points on the map. With good timing and coordinated smokes, the entrance can be completely unavailable for the first 45 seconds of the round. It is also very easy to set up effective crossfires.

It has to be said that terrorists can make their way to B through Archway and CT-spawn, but in order to do that, they must advance through A long first.

Skärmklipp 2015-02-27 01.31.13

As these pictures show, a single smoke blocks de_inferno’s banana entirely.

The middle
– Just like on de_dust2, the terrorist has an advantage in the peeking battle. Unless the spawns are in a very specific way, he will always make it to his spot before his defending counter part. This often contributes to terrorists being able to walk quite freely in the middle. A healthy mid-control is essential in order for the terrorists to have a shot at conquering bombsite A, since it’s very unlikely that a morepart of five players will make it out of apartments alive.


This map is possibly the most extreme case of CT-favoring there is. A usual score would be somewhere in the region of 12-3 or more depending on which way the pistol round goes. Nuke has all of the previously discussed elements that tilt a map in favor of the CTs. Here are two of the most characterizing ones.

Incredibly fast rotation
– The vents that link bombsites A and B together allow the CTs to rotate from one site to the other in a matter of seconds. As mentioned in part one of this article series (, this makes all kinds of diversions ineffective, and shrinks the terrorists amount of strategical alternatives.

Skärmklipp 2015-02-27 01.33.12
The way from A to B on de_nuke is short to say the least.

– It might not seem like this spot has such a big effect on the balance of the map in its entirety, but it’s a major inconvenience when terrorist’s try to make their way into bombsite A. Simply explained, if heaven did not exist, attackers would only have to check 180 degrees and one floor. Now they can be shot from an additional 360 degrees on another floor.

It is a matter of opinion whether or not you believe that this issue has to be adressed, or if it is an issue at all, however, it’s factual that there is a significant imbalance between the sides on a vast majority of the competitive map pool. Personally, I think that more balanced maps would increase the excitement of scene. It would give CSGO a feeling of suspense similar to the one found in ice-hockey, where literally anything can happen, regardless the score and time.

Whatever the case, CSGO is already a great scene. May it continue growing.

Written by Mikael Hemlin



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