To date a gamer

av Andjela Kusmuk

It is often said that behind every strong man stands an even stronger woman. In this interview we talk to two of the girlfriends of our NiP players to understand what it is like to date a fulltime professional gamer. The ladies are Anna Nordlander (seen on the pictures), girlfriend of Christopher ”GeT_RiGhT” Alesund and Anita Lok (who is not on the pictures), girlfriend of Robin ”fifflaren” Johansson.

First of, what does an average day at your place look like?

Anna: I wake up in the morning and go to work, while Christopher is asleep, he usually wakes up around lunch-time. When I come home he’s usually cooked for me since he is a great cook. And afterwards we watch some streams or series together in bed, or play on our iPads.

Anita: The average day in our house starts with us waking up and if we have the opportunity, we will try to spend time together during the day before practice. I take care of the house and make sure food is ready before he has to play. During the time he has practice, I get to do my own thing and have some alone time which is always great!

So compared to dating a ”normal” guy, i.e. someone with a regular job, what is the biggest difference?

Anna: There is not that much of a difference. Basically, the working hours, since he starts his practices when I get home. Since we don’t work the same hours, the quality-time together can be limited sometimes.

Anita:  There are times where, after a stressful day, you just want to relax and play some games. The greatest thing about dating a gamer is that you can do it with them and that is something two people can spend time and bond over.

In your own words, what are the best and the worst parts of dating a professional cyber athlete?

Anna: Since I love gaming as well, the best thing is that we share the same hobby. We play a lot of different games together (LoL, Dota2, CS, Sc2, D3, WoW etc.) and I have to say that I am very happy that CS is the game the pays the check..

The worst part is the fact that they travel a lot, and I don’t like being alone too much. On the other hand, Christopher’s family is very involved in his gaming, meaning we often look at the games together.

Anita: : One good thing about dating a gamer is that we both enjoy the same things so we share the same passions in life. The bad thing is that since they travel a lot and are not home often, we don’t have a lot of flexibility when planning some time to spend together.



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