DreamHack Tours – the strongest caster duo is coming

av Madeleine Leander

For the first time both StarCraft 2 and CS:GO will be broadcasted on Swedish TV. Yay! Me and Tom “Endars” Bramler will be casting StarCraft 2 (in Swedish) as usual. On Friday we are leaving for France and DreamHack Tours. I’m really looking forward to seeing my teammates and everyone else from Millenium again. It’s been a while now.


As a caster I think it’s important to play a lot (of StarCraft 2). I need to understand why the players are doing what they do. But I don’t play all the races and thus it’s also important to watch a lot of games. Recently I’ve been focusing on watching games with the players that will attend DreamHack and that I think will have a chance to go far. It’s impossible to keep track of all the strategies for all the players and all the match ups. But I am doing my best trying to figure out the small things that are typical for the players. It’s always a challenge and it’s always a lot of fun.

Food and training

You probably know that both me and Endars love to work out. As I recently went from using weights at the gym to bodyweight training I need basically no equipment to get a good workout. And that is pretty awesome while traveling. If, however, anyone knows of an outdoor gym close to the venue – let me know. I’d love to check it out.

Me and Endars :). Photographer: Mathias Nordlander

Me and Endars are a little bit worried about the food. Croissants for breakfast is not going to work for us so we will bring some extra protein XD. For situations like this I love protein bars. It’s not the best thing to eat, but sometimes it’s very convenient.

Swedish players

I was looking forward to see Naniwa play at a DreamHack event again. I saw him in the list of players a while back but he will be replaced by StarNaN. I’m sad to say that I’m not surprised as he also cancelled his participation in the Copenhagen games. It would have been cool to see him play though and I think he will be back soon.

On the other hand StarNaN played some pretty cool games in ESPORTSM last weekend so I’m happy to see him among the participants. We also have Miniraser, Zanster and Mekar going. The two Zergs are better than what their results show in my opinion. And if they have a good day I think they can go far in the tournament.

Other participants and predictions

I’m very happy to see Deborah and Soyhi going there. I consider them two of the best up-and-coming female players right now. And of course I’d love to see more female players at tournaments in general.

And lets not forget about Scarlett. She hasn’t been playing a lot of tournaments as of late, it will be cool to see her play again. I really like her playstyle. She is one of those super fast thinking players who really can take the pressure ingame and figure out the solutions to win games which seems lost.

The former DreamHack winner, ForGG, is also attending and that is definitely a player to look out for. I go as far to say that he could very well be the winner of the whole event. I will also keep an eye on Hydra, not just because he is Zerg but because he showed a lot of amazing games as of late.

All in all this will be a tournament to watch. Watch it on Twitch with the English casters or on SVT Play with me and Endars (only the finals will be on TV2). It’s going to be… (wait for it) …legendary!



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