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It has been roughly 4 months since we first started playing for Team Property.
In this time we’ve ran a boot camp, taken part in many online cups and traveled together to participate and compete at offline events.
The very first time that we all met was in Stockholm during our first boot camp at Inferno Online. Right away the first event scheduled stood before us; Copenhagen Games.

It was my very first LAN. The feeling of walking up on stage and playing was indescribable. Nervous, pumped up and very happy were my initial feelings. However just within five minutes into the first game I already felt at home.
Being on location we just didn’t reach up to our expectations in terms of performance, and thus ended up falling short, getting knocked out in the group stage. However, having only played together for a mere month we all knew that things could only look up.

We really switched up our game and after CPHG changes were made, and Mouse was assigned the role of “In-Game Leader” over myself. She is much more experienced than myself, and therefore it just seems fitting.

Just a few weeks after CPHG had been concluded, we were on a plane to France to compete in the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) CSGO Tournament of Dreamhack Tours as well as represent our newest sponsor Intel.
On arrival all the BYOC slots had been filled, but we were lucky as another team decided to drop out after only a single series lost in the group stage.
Sadly we didn’t have the time to set up in order to take part in the main tournament, so we would have to make do in the B-class tournament on the side!
We advanced through the two group stages and ended up dropping the bronze, leaving us with a 4th place finish that we are very happy about!

Post-France we had only two days of rest before it was time to pack our bags yet again and head to Uppsala to compete in the BYOC tournament at Birdie LAN. However after a lackluster performance we dropped out of the group stage. This has given us a lot to change and work on in our play style.
We’re currently working ourselves to the bone in order to find any weaknesses and to strengthen ourselves as a team.
Ahead of us now lies the qualifier for ESWC and Dreamhack Summer.

So on June 12th we’ll be leaving our homes to head down south to play at DHS.
The plan is to play in the daily BYOC tournaments and work really hard together with our manager Daniel in order to improve ourselves.
During our so-called “spare time” at the event, some of us will be streaming and have a handful of giveaways so make sure to keep an eye open for when we will be online!

I hope we’ll see you guys at Dreamhack! Can’t wait!
// Rambolina



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