ESL One – Introducing the Challengers

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

So we have covered ’The Legends’ the 8 teams who were invited due to good performances in the previous ESL Major, ESL One Katowice. But who else will they be facing? Who wants their own shot to earn the title of ’Legend’?

Allow me to Introduce the Challengers!

These 8 teams qualified through 3 offline regional qualifiers to ensure that the best teams from around the world are included in the competition.

2 teams from the Asian Qualifier.

2 teams from the North American Qualifier.

4 teams from the European Qualifier.

As with ’The Legends’ article, the ’One to watch’ for each team are kindly provided by KYAN1TE from

Name: Cloud 9

Line up: n0thing, sgares, shroud, fREAKAZOiD, Skadoodle

One to watch: Shroud

Name: Counter Logic Gaming

Line up: reltuC, FNS, hazed, tarik, jdm

One to watch: tarik

Name: FlipSid3

Line up: B1ad3, WorldEdit, markeloff, bondik, DavCost

One to watch: WorldEdit

Name: Renegades

Line up: SPUNJ, AZR, Havoc, jks, Yam

One to watch: jks

Name: Team eBettle

Line up: rallen, Furlan, peet, GruBy, Hyper

One to watch: rallen

Name: Team Immunity

Line up: SnypeR, Rickeh, James, emagine, USTILO

One to watch: Rickeh

Name: Team Kinguin

Line up: ScreaM, Maikelele, rain, fox, dennis

One to watch: ScreaM

Name: Titan

Line up: Ex6TenZ, Maniac, RpK, shox, SmithZz

One to watch: shox

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