Gamers2 vs Team Property: Match review

av Johan Ridell
PrOp vs G2

Gamers 2 starts out strong with winning the pistol round on the t side and winning the first 6 rounds. Gamers 2 are known for their strong terrorist side on pretty much any map. After the first six rounds Property finally wakes up and gets a round on the board but this doesn’t stop the poles and they get the following three rounds.

On an eco-round in the eleventh round property take over the reins for a little while and they get the following round as well after a really nice spray down in mid by Schneider getting three entry frags. This only stops the Gamers 2 squad for a little while though and they get the remaining rounds of the half making it 12-3 Zende got a three man spray leaving szpero in a 1vs2 but he manages to come out on top and wins the final round of the first half. The score is 12-3 when Property switches over to the terrorist side.

Gamers 2 picks up the pistol round on the second half after a very nice pistol play by Michu and Minise. On the following round Property takes it back and get their first round on the second half which follows by another and another and another when Gamers 2 get their second round on their ct side the score is 14-8 in favor of Gamers 2. But all is not lost and Property gets the following round and two rounds more making it 11-14 until Gamers 2 takes a round giving them the match point. Gamers 2 wins the following round stopping the comeback Property was working on. Final score is 16-11 to Gamers 2. Sadly we couldn’t come out with the win tonight but next time we will come out victorious!

Written by Karl “Cowsy” Ljunggren



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