Global Offensive Champions League begins

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There are plenty of online leagues to compete in today and we are glad to be a part of the new GOCL that started for us this week. Yesterday our male CSGO squad defeated Dignitas 2-0 and more matches awaits us in the future!

GOCL or Global Offensive Champions League was created by the crew behind D2CL, which is a online league dedicated to DOTA2. For the kickoff season there is a total prize pool of 30 000$ up for grabs and you can be sure that we will try our hardest to bring home the grand prize! The first season consists of following ten teams: Virtus Pro, Team Dignitas, Penta Sports, Copenhagen Wolves, Flipsid3 Tactics, Gamers2, Hellraisers, Mousesports, Natus Vincere and ourselves ofcourse. There is no final date set for the playoffs but it will probably take place late April due to the huge amount of matches that has to be played.
In our first match yesterday we faced Team Dignitas which we won with the final score of 2-0 (16-10 Inferno, 16-10 Nuke). We have two more matches coming this week versus Virtus Pro and Gamers2. The match vs Virtus Pro starts tonight at 20.00 CET and tomorrow we start the same time versus Gamers2. The only registered stream at this moment for tonights match is the german streamer Horstor, keep an eye on our social medias for additional ones!

Our boys are hungry for results after not being able to reach the playoffs of ESEA and we are really happy that GOCL invited us to play in this league. We are not a top team today and it will take time before we get there. By getting the chance to play against other top teams in these kinds of leagues is a really good learning experience as well as a challenge. We will do our best and nothing else to win the first season of GOCL!

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