Interview with Kyan1te after the 24H charity stream!

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

Our NiPtv caster Karam ”Kyan1te” Kabbara decided to do a 24 hour charity stream for Syria Relief, he have just finished the charity stream and got some well earned sleep after the session. We asked him a few questions after the session about how he came up with the idea of a chariy stream,

Why a charity stream?
I love streaming and I also love doing strange things to raise money for charity like growing my moustache for a month etc. I’ve always donated a certain percentage of any Twitch revenue I make to different charities whilst the rest has always gone back towards giveaways for viewers, but I woke up one morning and thought to myself, what if I did a 24 hour charity stream where we dedicate 100% of everything to the charity, to helping those who are significantly more unfortunate than we are and see if we – the Counter-Strike community – can do something as a collective effort and put our differences aside?

Why did you choose to do a charity stream for Syria Relief?
Syria is a place that I feel I have a strong connection with, having a Lebanese background myself. I think we all know what has been going on in Syria for the past few years and all it takes is a quick YouTube search to see the suffering of innocent women & children that is occurring – and a lot more NSFW stuff. People left without roofs over their heads, some starving to death whilst others falling victim to bombings and if not resulting in death then fatal injuries. I also know some of the people who run the charity and the great work they do and how much it means to them, so to keep things short the choice of this charity was a no-brainer for me.

How are you feeling right now after roughly 24 hours of constant streaming?

Will there be any highlight videos from the 24 hour streaming session when you are done with it?
There might be. I know some people have requested some highlights like my 6k P90 SUPER ACE on Mirage & a new kyaRAGE emoticon from when I conceded on FIFA. It’ll all take time but we’ll get there.

Is this your one and only 24 hour charity stream or will we see more of these streams in the future? I think based on the success of this one, I can’t help but want to do more. Some people have asked for a 48 hour stream however I really don’t think that would be physically healthy :P. I’m always one who’s up for new ideas & so forth so perhaps for the next charity stream, even if it doesn’t end up being a 24 hour stream we could potentially bring in new ideas or further develop the “10 man” idea we were utilising throughout the stream. As for streaming in general, I try to stream as much as possible and it normally ends up being 3-4 days a week. So if anyone wants to pop in and say hi even when it isn’t a charity stream they’re all more than welcome & I look forward to seeing them in chat.



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