Interview with Zanster about the ESPORTSM final

av Johan Ridell

After a tough season we are now reaching the end of ESPORTSM 2015, with the finals being played at DreamHack Summer this weekend. Our two finalists are Team Property’s Zanster, and SortOf.

SortOf began by trying to qualify in the first qualifier, but lost to MorroW. He tried again in the third one, where he beat Mekar to get to the semifinals. There he once again played MorroW, whom he now won against 3-0.

Zanster tried to qualify in the second qualifier, where he lost to his team-mate NaNiwa in the deciding series. He also participated in the third qualifier, but he once again lost to a team-mate, this time Mekar. But he didn’t give up, and in the last qualifier he managed to beat Namshar in the deciding series, and thus secured his spot in the semifinals. There he faced NaNiwa again in a close series ending 3-2 in Zanster’s favor. I got to ask him some questions about the upcoming finals.
What did it feel like to win against NaNiwa in the semifinals, since you lost against him earlier?
I didn’t think I was going to win so I mostly felt surprised and relieved.

What do you think was the reason that you won?
I had some luck in the early game and I think I had more experience with the kind of lategame I was playing.

How do you feel about your shape right now?
I feel like I’m in quite good shape right not, although there are some situations I have to work on a bit.

This weekend you’ll be playing against SortOf in the finals at DreamHack, how does that feel? What are your expectations?
I feel quite comfortable in Zerg vs Zerg so if I play my best I expect to win.

Have you played him recently?
We haven’t met in tournaments in quite a while now.

Did you practice anything specific for your match?
No I’ve only trained more ZvZ than usual.

Some say that you are the favourite, especially when it comes to mindgames, do you have anything to say about that?
I usually prepare well for my series so that’s probably why people say I’m better at mindgames.

Have you planned on doing something special if you win?
No I haven’t thought about it.

Are you going to do something else at DreamHack?
No I’m just going to focus on ESPORTSM.

Good luck to both players, and may the best man win!

Written by Linn Jutemark



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