Introducing NiPTV (part 1)

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

Introducing NiP
This is the first of two articles to come, in this first article we interview Matt ”Chewwy” Smith which is one of the two casters who represent NiPTV.

Tell us a breif story about yourself,

20 year old from Oxford, England. Currently studying Voice at Winchester University and have been gaming since 2004. Heard about eSports in 2012 and started to cast COD in April 2013. Switched to CS this year after falling in love with the game. Away from eSports I worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for 3 years. Like to do a lot of photography in my spare time and make music. Within eSports I’ve casted a few events. Did the European Championships for Call of Duty this year and have done online work with the likes of Gfinity, ESL and MLG.

We know that you worked for other teams before, but how does it feel to work for NiP and do you think there will be any difference between NiP and the other teams?

I have worked for a CoD media coverage company called eSportsNation, nice time but projects never came to life. NiP is still overwhelming as I am at heart still a massive fan of the team. Pleasently surprised with how down to earth and friendly everyone involved with NiP has been even though I am new. I Feel that NiP will differ from the previous organisation I worked for because of the true professional business aspect behind the company. It is run by professionals in a professional manner, not just by a few fans of the sport who run an organisation part time as a hobby.

What are your expecations of this new fresh restart of NiPTV?

Expectations is that we bring something new to the CS community which will pleasently surprise those who may be expecting NiP TV to just be a reproduction of what it used to be. We are concentrating on lots of ideas, not just casting matches and are committed to making sure the CS:GO community are involved and heard throughout. I want to produce my best work within eSports to date. To try my best and put my very best efforts into producing top quality content and seeing where the journey takes me. Sky is the limit due to being so lucky to having an org like NiP helping out and guiding us

If you had to choose a specific NiP product, which would you pick?

I would probably choose the new NiP Xtrfy keyboard simply for the fact my curent one which cost £10 from a supermarket isn’t meeting the standards I need 😀



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