Introducing NiPTV (part 2)

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

introducing kyan1te
In the first episode of Introducing NiPTV, we introduced Matt ”Chewwy” Smith and in the following episode you will find a introduction of his co-caster Karam ”Kyan1te” Kabbara.

Tell us a breif story about yourself,

Well I don’t think there’s much to say really! I’m a 20 year old guy who loves Counter-Strike.
My first encounter with the game was when I was 9 in 2003. I then finally got my own copy of the game around 2006 and I got in to competitive play around 2009. I played for a few years then unfortunately forced myself to hang up my mouse and keyboard in 2012 to focus on real life & education.
I eventually randomly got asked to cast the CS:GO LAN event i49 – which was a bit awkward as I hadn’t really played CS:GO after the beta back in the day – but one thing lead to another I guess and here I am!

We know that you worked for other teams before, but how does it feel to work for NiP and do you think there will be any difference between NiP and the other teams.

To sum things up quickly, it feels great! I’ve always been a huge fan of everything ninja related and it’s an honour to finally become a part of the team myself. They are without a doubt one of the most prominent organisations not just in CS:GO but in the e-sports world and to be working for them is like a dream come true.
With regards to any differences or things that stand out, one of the main things is how everybody at NiP is incredibly down to earth and it just seems like everybody is always happy and has a huge smile on their face all the time. I can only hope this eventually rubs off on me 🙂

What did you think of getting to play again last Sunday in the Virtus Pro Staff Cup?

It was great fun and a bit of a surprise. I don’t play CS seriously anymore and haven’t done so for quite a few years so it was definitely somewhat nostalgic to be thrown in to the deep end all of a sudden and represent the organisation in such a huge event.
Our aim with our weakened side – since any team would miss the experience and quality players such as Heaton & Pita would bring to the table – was to qualify out of our group and we did! So next week we apparently have to face SLTV staff which should be a good game. I doubt I will be able to play because I will be casting the CS:GO tournament at i53 with Chewwy, but I wish the rest of the lads good luck and hope we can win!

If you had to choose a specific NiP product, which would you pick?

Damn that’s a tough question. To be honest I think there’s loads of NiP products which look awesome. The flag is definitely something I can imagine myself hanging up on my wall whilst simultaneously the NiP Jersey, Hoodie Jacket & regular Hoodies look brilliant as well. So I’m just going to say that I’d choose all of them because I really can’t choose between them.



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