Introducing NiPTV (Part 3)

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld
Today we introduce a new face to the NiPtv for you guys and girls, he have been working for us since the start but have been working behind the scenes and we thought it was time to bring him out in the spotlight. We present you Liam ”logaN” Durrant who is Head of Production and Analysis for NiPtv. 

Tell us a brief story about yourself, we know that you worked for other teams before, but how does it feel to work for NiP and do you think there will be any difference between NiP and the other teams?  

Well I´ve been playing CS for over a decade now, I’m 26 now and I don’t see myself giving up playing CS any time soon! I love going to LAN events and putting faces to names, you’ll always find me at ESWC, Copenhagen Games etc so come over and say hi if you spot me! I’ve played and worked for too many teams to list all of them but I suppose the biggest organisation I’ve been a part of before NiP has to be myXMG where I was manager for the female team. Working for NiP has to be my greatest experience though, the level of professionalism and dedication from everyone here involved with NiP is refreshing. It really is a pleasure to contribute to this new chapter of NiPTV and give something back to the community.

What are your expectations of this new fresh restart of NiPTV?
Myself, KYAN1TE and Chewwy all cannot wait to get started with this, there are so many ideas we have ready to put into action, some we have already started on.  We are going to give the viewers something special, something fresh and I know that people are going to love it.  This isn´t just going to be more of the same casting we´ve seen before, we´re going give the viewers what they´ve always wanted. Just wait, it’s going to be awesome.

If you had to choose a specific NiP product, which would you pick?
It’s got to be the new 2015 hoodie it looks absolutely awesome, no other way of putting it!

Name: Liam Durrant
Age: 26 years
Nick: logaN
City: Bromley



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