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av Johan Ridell

Danne DH
One week ago I attended Dreamhack Summer 2015 as the manager of Team Property’s female CS:GO lineup and now it’s time to share my thoughts about this event.

As you might imagine this was a quite intense event for me since we were going to play a lot of games with the team. Our top priority was to play the qualifier for ESWC Montreal, unfortunately I can’t really say that i’m satisfied with the result from this qualifier. We almost threw away the first game but in the end we managed to break our opponents momentum. If you look at the results you might think that we had a decent run in the ESWC qualifier since we only lost to the two teams which reached the final. Unfortunately we had problems with reacting to how our opponents played and neither me nor any of the girls were happy with how we played any of our games. Even though we won most of our games we didn’t win them the way we wanted to. We had a tough time to get momentum and this affected our morale in a way which made it even harder for us to play as we wanted to. One could try to put the blame on our preparations prior to the event since we had issues with getting practise done due to vacations, work and such. But In my opinion that wasn’t the biggest reason at all.

After the ESWC Montreal qualifier we played in the daily byoc-tournaments at DHS15 and we had some easy wins and we also faced off against some tougher opponents. I must admit that it affected us that we weren’t able to qualify for ESWC Montreal and it showed in our games in the byoc-tournaments. I won’t say that we should have won every byoc-tournament we played in but we should at least have won many more rounds.

One thing that once again blew my mind was all the support you guys gave the girls. It was so fun to see so many fans standing behind the girls watching them play, some of you even had the courage to talk to the girls ;). In hard times you guys are always there helping us to get back up after a defeat. There was also a lot of people coming up to us asking questions about the female CS:GO-scene and almost everyone were surprised when they realised that most of the tournaments we play in are not female only.

Other than not reaching the results we wanted I must admit that DHS15 was amazing. I had so much fun together with the rest of Team Property, players and staff. I didn’t really have time to walk around looking at all the booths so I might have missed a lot of fun. Most of my spare time I spent talking about esport with people from different teams and companies. I think this was the thing that I enjoyed the most during DHS15, meeting so many people dedicated to e-sport and being able to just talk to them about random esport-related stuff. Oh and I can’t forget to tell you guys about our breakfast! We, players and staff from Team Property, were staying in the cottages right next to the venue so we had breakfast with the whole “family”. It had a bit of a “family feeling” over it. Huge shout-out to our editor-in-chief for doing the dishes in our cottage and making coffee for me every morning!

So to summarize my experience of DHS15 I would like to say, amazing! The only thing that lacked was our results. But now we just need get back up and fight back even harder!


Written by Daniel Kauppinen



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