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av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

katowiceCome March 12, all eyes will converge on Katowice, Poland for the ESL One Major! Legends will be ready battle it out, Challengers will be hopeful to climb the ranks and become Legends themselves.

Legends: Ninjas In Pyjamas, Fnatic, HellRaisers, Natus Vincere, PENTA, Team EnVyUs, Team Solo Mid and Virtus Pro. A list of the biggest hitters CSGO has to offer! A mix of old rivalries ready to rage on once more, and new ones to be created in an instant.

Challengers: 3DMAX, Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Flipsid3 Tactics, KaBuM.TD, LGB eSports, Titan and Vox Eminor. A group of already big names in the scene, hungry to become even bigger. To take the leap from recognised to revered.

The prizepool of $250,000 promises that every team will have a massive incentive to claim the largest chunk of change, but the real prize comes in winning the Major and becoming the Kings of Katowice.

The Ninjas will be looking to add to their highly impressive list of achievements, one of the most recent being ESL-One Cologne 2014. Now it’s time to target Katowice and make it an impressive combo of both within the space of a year. This win, amongst others, has given the boys invaluable experience playing in front of a crowd when the pressure is on. This experience will certainly come in useful as the Katowice finals will be held in Spodek arena, an imposing and immersive venue which, when in full swing, turns into a cauldron of atmosphere.

With the fairly fresh loss to LDLC, now of EnVyUs, in the finals of MLG Aspen the Ninjas will be looking for a chance to reclaim their place as the top team. NIP have recently conquered a good selection of the opposition they will be facing at ESL when they won the ASUS ROG Winter Tournament 2015 with a 2-0 win over Titan at the end of January. However the competition will undoubtedly be much tougher when the LAN rolls around, and it is down to the boys to work through this time of uncertainty and continue to improve their individual and team games to be sure they are as ready as they can be to take on the best of the best.

Majors such as ESL One always promise to be an exciting and explosive 4 days of entertainment. Every team steps it up a notch and brings their A-game in order to give themselves the best shot at winning that all important trophy. It is where we as fans of the sport get to see the best counterstrike the world has to offer, to enjoy every frag, flank and firefight.

If you have not yet had the pleasure of watching a major and are new to the counterstrike scene, the pure emotion, energy and drama that surrounds them can be experienced by watching Documentaries such as by Kevin ’mrtweeday’ Tweedale that perfectly encapsulate the whole meaning behind the events.

So get ready to support the Ninjas and cheer them on to hopeful victory, the time is fast approaching and we’ll need all the fire-power we can get!

Written by Robert Gooderson (@d3v3lOP3)



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