My first Dreamhack as Editor-In-Chief

av Johan Ridell

This was my first Dreamhack experience and I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed by the share size of the event.
My name is Johan “1iGamer” Ridell, Editor-In-Chief for Team Property and here is my first blog about this event. I have been a gamer for longer then I could walk. Having a geek dad telling me stories about wizards and dragons instead of normal bed time stories, buying all the new cool computers, gadgets, tech and playing games like D&D when I grew up really shaped me into the person I am today. Now I play every game I can get my hands on like CS:GO, Dota2, HotS, make youtube videos and stream on Twitch.

As I said, this is the first DH for me, I can’t give an in-depth comparison from previous years. But what I gathered from others is that one the halls had more scenes and less BYOC seats then before due to more games being played.
I have been around as much as I could to see games and just experience the event, but I’m here on duty as well, so a lot of my time has been covering our games that the girls played and Zanster’s victory in ESPORTSM Starcraft 2 final. Not only did he bring home Property’s first title, he is now the first player to win two years in a row and that is really awesome.
Walking around the event I met a lot of high profile players and people, so it’s hard not to be somewhat taken by the whole thing, but still try to keep my cool. I feel like i’m one of the older people at DH and would be weird to loose my cool like a teen when e-sport legends walks around.

I did not have the time to try out a lot of new games or check out all the booths. But what I did stand in line for was the Oculus Rift. Being one eyed, (yes, that is why I chose my nick name One Eyed Gamer and in-game nick as 1iGamer) I have always been curious how well it works for me to play with it. It was awesome, most likely the next piece of gear I will invest in. Sure I did get somewhat motion sick flying around the medieval town the demo provided, but playing horror games on it will be an frightening but yet an amazing thing.
My job as an Editor is to keep track of content, quality control and that writers get assigned new tasks when they are done. So that is what most of my time has been spent on here at Dreamhack. We entered DHS15 with our female CS:GO team and Zanster for Starcraft 2. I’v never been that into any Starcraft game, but the feeling when Zanster turned around a 0-2 result into an amazing nail biting win, is really hard to put into words. Sadly our CS:GO team did not get the result we hoped for in the ESWC after losing to LGB but now we are battling it out in the BYOC’s.

Monday was the last day of the event and the team was invited to the Twitch after party. I had an great time mingling with Twitch celebs, pro players and other awesome people, making this one of the bigger party’s I have privilege to attend. So for me DHS15 has been a really great experience overall and can’t wait to be back in winter. Thanks Dreamhack, twitch and all the workers for this event and see you next time!

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