My trip to France

av Madeleine Leander

It’s been two weeks since I visited France to cast DreamHack Tours. But I’ve been really busy since then. I’ve been casting some more and I also played in the Swedish IeSF qualifier and won the female one. Now I’m preparing for the Swedish Championship in Street Workout next weekend and I’m also working as usual.

Anyway, I still have some things about France that I wanted to share.


First of all. My team is amazing. I feel so lucky that I am a part of team Millenium. In France it’s like a big community and everytime I’m with them it feels like a family. Not just among the players but all of the staff. Millenium is a big organisation, we have a lot of people working with everything from writing news and casting to marketing.

My manager and I.
My manager and I.

Millenium also have pretty big plans for the near future. The teamhouse is moving to Paris and it will be bigger and better than ever. There will be room for players but also a place to hold tournaments and an audience. And there will be a few studios for all the people working with the web TV etc. It’s in the making as we speak! Millenium is doing a lot not just for the team but for the whole esports community in France.

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As usual me and Endars were casting StarCraft 2 for Swedish TV, but something that was new for this DreamHack Open was that CS:GO was also casted on Swedish TV. We had two new awesome casters and I’m really happy about all the positive feedback we got. CS is a game that can easily be judged wrongly because of ignorance. But it seems most people were happy with it. Probably because of our great casters!

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As for StarCraft 2, we had a lot of fun casting. Especially the games with TRUE (vs Protoss) who is such a creative player.


Now I’m looking forward to cast the finals of the Swedish Championship at DreamHack Summer! Will you be there?



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