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Ninjas in Pyjamas arrange esports summer camp

av Tobias Lundgren

Spending the summers at camp is a classic for kids all over the world.
But when Ninjas in Pyjamas in cooperation with Eventosaurus arrange their very own camp in 2015, swimming and playing football will have to make way for fragging and laning as the attendees will learn tips and tricks from the esport superstars.
– Our ambition is to give it an exclusive feeling, that the participants will feel special and get help with things that are hard to learn otherwise, project manager Andjela Kusmuk tells Aftonbladet Esport.

The camp, named ”Area08” will be arranged in the town of Nynäshamn outside of Stockholm and will be a three day event in June, with room for around 300 participants. There, the attendees will get a chance to hone their skills in CS:GO, Dota2 and League of Legends under the supervision of some of the best players in the world who will offer their best tips.
– We’ll use players and managers as coaches and after you’ve learned from them you’ll get a chance to try it out in game to see if you’ve made any progress. Our ambition is to give it an exclusive feeling, that the participants will feel special and get help with things that are hard to learn otherwise, Andjela Kusmuk says.

”Will show some physical activities”

Players from the NiP Dota2- and CS:GO team will be among the coaches, and NiP are also looking at the possibility to include representatives from the Copenhagen Wolves League of Legends squad. During the three days, they will also teach the participants about the importance of staying active outside of the game to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
– We’ll perhaps show some simple stretch exercises and some physical activities that make it fun to work out.

In cooperation with the Swedish organization Friends, they’ll also talk about in-game ethics and treating your opponents fairly.
– We’ve worked hard for a long time to give kids good self-esteem and show them how to treat each other in a nice way and we’re glad that Friends want to work with us. I think it’ll be great and I hope that the presence of the star players will make the attendees listen more closely.

”Some of the most fun you can have”

A price for the event hasn’t been set yet, but NiP are discussing two different levels: One for people bringing their own gear and one for the ones renting on the spot. According to Kusmuk the organization is trying to get sponsors involved to take care of food and other costs, to keep the price down.
– The admission fee will cover as much as possible, and the food and housing will be included in it. Our goal is for everyone who’s interested to be able to participate.

No age limit has been set either, but the camp will be alcohol free. And Kusmuk is looking forward to the very first Area08, which she claims is the first ever esports camp in Sweden.
– I’m an ex swimmer myself and I know that camps are some of the most fun you can have. To get to know a lot of new people that share your interests.

More info regarding Area08 will be released shortly.



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