The NiP Mansion!

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

It’s a calm morning in the house, you can hear the sound of the watercourse outside. It’s only one day remaining till the big day. The big day as in the start of the Dreamhack CS:GO Championship 2014, the players have been staying in the house for one week now.

When they first came to the house they were very excited to see what the house was like. After seeing the cozy inside of the house with a fireplace that welcomes them when they arrived they couldn’t wait to get to play. They arrived in the evening of the first day and started setting up their computers and gear with a 13 gigabyte connection nothing could go wrong. When you’re playing you can hear the crackling fireplace in the background that makes you get that cozy feeling in the house. After waking up the first morning our CEO called up and tweeted out the players saying ”slept well guys?”, the answers was ”like a rock”, ”super”, ”I think I slept a little too good, can’t wait until bedtime already”. It was clear that the players enjoyed the new house.

The fresh nature and peaceful environment have made this gaming house the perfect house to practice in. When you wake up you can just walk out have a bit of fresh air, smell the lovely smell of woods and hear the sound of the river slowly flowing downhill. The mansion is built 1822, when the house was built they never knew that this would be 200 years later with the help of Halmstad stadsnät the headquaters of the ninjas. Halmstad stadsnät have prepared the house and geared it up with all that was needed for a house that was built in the 1800 century to make it ready for the future.

The players are feeling great after a week of practice in the house and are ready to face any challenges that will come. Stay tuned on all of our social media channels to follow all the content that will be coming during Dreamhack Winter 2014,
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We would like to thank all who made this possible,

Halmstad Stadsnät
GH Data ( for the technical support, setting up the internet and so on
Bredband 2
Bjäre chips
Red Bull
Jonab (special thanks to Fredrik Andersson)
and all our sponsors



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