Pauf ”I would like to leave behind a legacy like Heaton”

av Johan Ridell

First of, who are you and what do you do for Team Property?
My name is Mathias Köhler mostly known as ”Pauf” and I’m a player for Team Property’s male CS:GO team.


Why and how did you get involved in esports?
I started playing CS:GO back in 2012 and I played with friends and found out that there was a scene where you could compete. I was intrigued by it and figured I might as well try and started to compete in online tournaments. The first tournament I played was an online qualifier to ESPORTSM and after that I was hooked on esports. Now I just love being a part of the scene especially during this period when it’s growing rapidly.

What is your short term goal as a player and as a team?
I want to improve as much as possible and the next big event for us as a team is Dreamhack summer where we want to be as good as we know we can be and give a good performance and get as far as possible and hopefully win the entire event.

What is your long term goal as a player?
I would of course like to be the best player in the world but besides that I would like to leave behind a legacy like Heaton has. Who wouldn’t want to be up there among the legends of esports as Heaton is. To leave a legacy behind is something I of course want to do.

What is your role within the team?
I’m a rifler and I focus on getting as many frags as possible and I mostly act as a revenge fragger so I’m like the teams cleanup service.

What other games do you like to play when you’re not playing CS:GO?
I have tried getting in to moba games like Dota 2 and LoL but I realized that those aren’t for me, I recently purchased GTA V and I’m having a blast playing that with my friends. Other than that I like to play FPS shooters as you can probably guess.

Four quick questions:

First game you remember playing?
The first GTA games and the first Tomb Raider
Favorite food?
I like seafood in general
Favorite movie?
The movie Warrior with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton
Favorite book series?
The Dark Tower by Stephen King

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Written by Karl “Cowsy” Ljunggren



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