Player Positions For Inferno

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

We’re back again with another edition of Ninja Spots! This time I’m going to be looking at the CT side of one of our strongest maps, Inferno. The positions are taken from our most recent game that ended 16-1 against Flipside at ESWC.

For this one I want to start off by showing the sort of changes that can be used, such as this one for the pistol round, to prepare for an expected push toward B.

NiP prepare for a pistol round

With the pistols of the Terrorists favouring the close range over the USP-S of the CT’s, a B push is likely on the pistol round of Inferno. This being the case, we came prepared and decided to swing three players over to that site on the first round, which as you will later see was often not the case.

Now moving onto the general overview I have chosen as the most common default positions for our players in the gun rounds.

NiP prepare for a buy round

Spot 1: In spot one, the terrorists would find themselves confronted with a F0rest. The head shot master keeps a watchful eye on the important bottleneck of apartments which offers a route behind the CT lines for the Terrorist side. Unless smoked off, short is covered from long, allowing him to soley focus on this long hallway.

The apartments you don’t want to rent

Spot 2: In spot two stands the scoped sentry, keeping a watchful eye over mid, Allu. Long is the perfect place to cover three opportunities for the Terrorist side, boiler exit, mid to short and mid to long. From here there is also an abundance of options to fall back to after taking the initial shot including Cubby, Arch and Library.

Spot 5: I know, 1 2 5, I can’t count. However, I have chosen to put number five next as it is the direct support role for spot two. Xizt can be found here as of late, with rifle in hand, supporting the awper should he be faced with more than one opponent or miss his shot. This extra fire-power being on long also allows for a quick rotation to the B bomb site through Arch should the players over there call for help, while still being able to have both sides of the A bomb site covered.

Spot 3: Back to the order now and we have GeT_RiGhT in spot three, in a fairly aggressive hold on Banana. This angle offers good vision on Banana and a quick fall back to the site should it be overwhelmed. Another great quality here is the relationship with position four, acting as both cover and a distraction, allowing them to jump into action.

Spot 4: Finally spot four sees the man, the myth the King of Banana, Friberg. The man needs little explanation in his role, which is the effective shutdown of Banana. Whether it be an aggressive push, a spray-down from the top to the bottom or a ninja hold behind the sandbags as seen here, the man can do it all. Backed up by GeT_RiGhT in spot three, the crossfire is deadly.


 Even when you know he’s here, stopping him is another thing

Once again, I would like to end by point out how fluid the game of Counter Strike is. The constant flow of information and counter tactics used create an ever changing landscape in which positions are often changed, however, this is the base to start from. What map should we look at next?



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