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av Andjela Kusmuk

Our second ninja to dive into your questions, is our favorite accumulation of trees, f0rest! Do you want to know which actual forest is f0rest’s favorite forest? Have no fear, we asked him that as well!

1.  How much CS:GO do you guys play on a daily basis?

We play around 6-7 hours’ worth of team practice, and a few of us like to play some CS before we start as well so I would say around 8-9 hours daily ( except for Friday – Saturday )

2. When did you start playing CS?

I started back in 2001 when I first got introduced to CS from my friends father.

3. How did you come up with the name f0rest?

I played a lot of Warcraft back in the day, and I needed nicknames for my training accs so I came up with the brilliant idea to use f0rest (Cause there was a lot of wood/forest in wc3 which was driving me nuts after a few hours of play ) So it became Undeadf0rest, Livingf0rest, Treef0rest (don’t ask please I was very young). Came back to CS with the nick Treef0rest^ and I got flamed to oblivion and I had no idea why, then a nice guy told me that the nickname made no sense at all and told me to use f0rest, and here I am.

4. What is your opinion on betting? How can it be improved?

I like the  idea of betting, adds a´lil bit of spice to what might be a uninteresting game or just to get even more excitement while cheering for your favorite team. But the downside is that people will go to the extreme to help their team win the game, talking about ddos here, but we (the pro players) could do our part to try and prevent this. But the overall impression is that it’s a nice touch and I vote for it to stay!

5. What motivates you to play good in your everyday life?

I wanna perform my best mostly for my team so I don’t let them down when it matters. And of course so we as a team win the big ones.

6. What tips would you usually give to people who try to get better at the game?

Have fun. That was my main thought when i started as long as i have fun and enjoy playing with my team the rest will sort of fall in to place by itself, all tough there’s a lot of different stuff you can do today that wasn’t available when i started. There’s aim training (where you shot dots that plop all around ) Deathmatchs ( great for getting warmed up quickly ) Surfing ( Get used to your sensitivity, know exactly how much to turn ) ESEA/Faceit ( great for communicating , learn new ideas from your fellow teammates / enemies) and last but not least study the PROs, you can learn alot of cool stuff by just watching a few games.

7. What other games do you play accept for CS:GO?

DotA2 and DarkSouls II

8. What configs and video-settings do you use?

9. What is the difference from playing at home and going pro? What demands do you/the organizations have?

Well at home you have no pressure on you, you sit on your own chair, you have everything you are comfortable with at home, that’s probably when you play the best. When you are at a tournament there’s a whole lot to think about, acting professional for sponsors, always have that smile ready. And of course the playing part, where you find yourself in a different environment then you are used to, getting ready to play the big game, the pressure is on, cuz this is the moment you’ve been practicing for. And the one demand i think both teams and organizations have is to be number one.

10. What is your favorite song?

Volbeat – Lonesome Rider ft. Sarah Blackwood is my favorite at the moment.

11. Would you rather have an incredibly rare skin or the worth in cash?

Rare skin, just look at that freakin dragon lore, a beauty to the eye.

12. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

The Amazing Spider-Man, used to watch a lot of Spiderman when I was younger and it stuck with me even till this day, just an amazing character and great villains.

13. Which is your favorite forest?

Sätraskogen, Stockholm, Sweden




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