Q&A with friberg

av Andjela Kusmuk

Since we already have figured out how Adam Friberg came up with the nickname ”friberg” here are some other questions that fans have asked on the teampage on Facebook;

1. What’s your day like?

I like to be up til’ late and go to bed about 04 and sleep until noon, or sometimes even later.

2. What brand of snus (a Swedish kind of chewing tobacco) do you use?

I use Göteborgs Rapé and been doing that since I started a few years back!

3. Do you believe that CS:GO is ready for it’s own ”International”?

I really think we are ready for the international, but I’m sure its benefits would also bring some downsides. One for example is that teams would probably not attend any LANs etc right before the international, it would be a ”dead month” before and probably after as well. On the bright side I think that CS:GO would get even bigger than what it is today, with a lot of media attention and in general a great event.

4. What other countries have you been to? Which was your favorite?

I’ve been to a lot of countries, especially in my time in NiP!

Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, USA and the Carribbean (not with NiP sadly). My favorite must have been the Carribbean, I was on vacation there and loved it =)

5. Sometimes you have good periods and sometimes bad, what is the difference in how you play? What affects it?

I think the main reason for why I play good is the desire to win tournaments! Before tournaments I spend a lot of time playing individually, up to 10-12 hours per day. It’s tough to play that much though, so I can’t do it every day when we don’t have an upcoming tournament. Usually I play around 6-7 hours of CS every day (weekends off sometimes).

6. What crosshair settings do you use?

I use:
crosshairstyle 4
crosshairgap -1
crosshaircolor lt blue
crosshairsize 2.3

7. If I don’t have a team, what is the best way to train? How do I get a team?

The best way to practice when you don’t have a team is by playing a lot of deathmatch and watching pro teams play, try to understand why people do specific things and try to imply it when you play matchmaking/gathers yourself.

8. So happy that you are streaming again, will you do tutorials like you did in previous streams?

I will try to do some tutorials again, not sure what I shall do but please write to me on twitter or in the stream chat and I will try to show it =)

9. How old are you and where did you get all your swag?

I am 22 (23 on the 19th!) years old and I got all my swag from being awesome  (Kappa)

10. Do you ever get stressed before games? What do you do when you get stressed?

I usually don’t get stressed before games, its mainly during the games when the games are close and both teams have low economy. Those rounds are crucial to win so I get a bit nervous then but I try to remain extra calm during those rounds.

11. Which is your favorite lan?

My favorite LAN is definately DreamHack! I love the people cheering for us and there is a lot of people watching CS at Dreamhack, since it’s really popular in Sweden!

12. Where did you meet the other guys for the first time?

The first time I met the other guys in the team was at Copenhagen Games 2012! We had a few drinks after the tournament and decided to play some CS:GO beta together.

13. What has the main advantage, spraying or tapping?

It really depends on the distance to the enemy you’re facing, but usually tapping is better since it saves you a lot of ammo and you can ”insta-headshot” people. I like spraying though… :=)



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