Q&A with MaddeLisk

av Madeleine Leander

What is your best memory in E-sports? Do you credit Nutella for your victories?

It’s hard to decide on the best memory so I’ll go with two at least :). One is when I was watching ThorZaiN win a DreamHack live in Sweden. Just watch this and you will know why! Another one when I won the female world championship in StarCraft 2 2013 and for that I have to credit nutella.


How do you practice StarCraft? Do you have a plan that you are following or something?

Sometimes I have good ideas to improve my play and make plans. For example I focus on different things a limited time and then I switch. It can be anything from larva injects to build orders or overlord placements. But sadly I’m often lazy and just press “play” without thinking.

What do you do as a PhD- student in mathematics?

As a PhD student you do a lot of research. Some days I spend reading papers, others to discuss math problems with colleagues and some to think basically :).

Do you have any workout or exercise tips for lazy people who spend a lot of their time sitting down because of work or hobbies (gaming)?

I think the best way to improve and get motivation to workout is to set good goals. “Workout 2 times per week” is not a good goal if you ask me. Then you will do it because you feel like you have to. I think it’s better to have goals with your training. A better goal could be to make 1 pull-up, or 10, to run 10 km or to do a handstand for 10 seconds.
When it comes to exercises it depends on your goals. If you have limited time you can do a lot of things more or less without equipment. You can do lunges, push-ups, sit-ups, and more advances things like l-sit and planche. You can also buy a pull-up bar or olympic rings for a small amount of money. With that you can get a really good workout at home. Google calisthenics and you can find a lot of bodyweight exercises!

What is your favourite match up to watch/cast?

My favourite match-up to play is ZvT because it’s the match-up I feel is the least random, probably because I understand it the best. I have to say ZvT for casting too. I like how a lot of things are happening at the same time; like fights, multiple drops and counterattacks.

Why is there so few females in esports compared to males?

This is a really hard question. I think that the main reason is that it’s been more socially accepted for boys to play video games than for girls. I think and hope it’s about to change.

Do you have plans to participate in politikerstarcraft?

No. I’m not very politically active and don’t feel like I agree enough with any party to represent them.

How many kg of nutella and how many slices of bread per day is needed to make a MaddeLisk happy?

200 grams of nutella per day is actually enough on a normal day but I NEVER eat it on bread!

How much time do you spend working out? And what kind of workout?

I go to the gym 5-7 days per week and I try to add a short session of handstands and things like that a few days per week. At the gym I also do a lot of calisthenics/street workout.

What does your family think about your gamer life ?

When I first told my family that I started playing a lot of StarCraft 2 my mother got worried. But when I explained to her what I was actually doing and showed her how an esports event could look she understand. Now they are all very supportive.

What made you pick Zerg in the first place?

When I first started playing I was introduced to zerg and after I got used to it I didn’t want to switch.

If you exercise a lot, are you free to eat whatever you want (i.e. Nutella)? Or are you supposed to keep a strict diet?

I’m not strict at all with what I eat normally. I eat a lot of nutella and any food I want. I can do that because I workout a lot and I take every opportunity to move around. I barely take the bus or the metro, I walk or ride my bike.

Sometimes I don’t eat candy for a week or a month, I think it’s good for me with a break every now and then :).

Do you often receive love letters from fans?

It happens…


Questions are taken from twitter, facebook and email. 



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