Reintroduction of de_train

av Joachim Rittfeldt Hofvenschiöld

During the night to today in European time Valve released the new version of de_train. The map was first introduced in Counter-Strike beta 5.0.

Train was an exciting and nailbiting map in 1.6 but when it was released once again in Counter-Strike: Source people was not too convinced about the map, there was a few changes and the developers made the map a darker.

On the 20th of August 2013 Valve re-designed the map from CS:Source so it would fit better into CS:GO, they lighted up the map and made a few tweaks here and there. But the community was unhappy with the map due to being a very CT sided map. Valve listened to the community and removed the map, instead of de_train they added to new maps Cobblestone & Overpass. Two maps that are very popular in competitive matches and in matchmaking. But today Valve are once again excited to begin a new chapter in the history of Train by releasing a new version of it in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The map have been completely revamped from scratch in order to improve both the visual appearnce and competitive gameplay. Their main goal was to balance the map so it would be less CT favored and also upgrade the overall visual experience. Check the video above for an overview of the map, and to see what’s new!

Our very own NiPtv commentator Karam ”Kyan1te” Kabbara commentated on the new exciting map release,

”Train is a map I’ve always loved and has brought us legendary moments such as Walle’s ace against Pentagram. I enjoyed playing it in 1.6 but hated its guts in Source – it was dark, gloomy & almost impossible to see CTs underneath the trains. They improved it for Global Offensive and was incredibly surprised when they removed such a historic map and replaced it with cobblestone/overpass. But now it’s back and it looks nothing short of phenomenal and I can’t wait to play on it. The main scare was the removal of the popdog logo on this new version… but I woke up with a lot of relief to see that someone on /r/GlobalOffensive found it again!”

The map is already released and is available in Competitive matchmaking and all other game modes, the map is a part of the Operation Vanguard map group!



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