Sick of long games? I have a suggestion.

av Madeleine Leander

I love StarCraft 2, but watching Swarm Hosts vs Mech for hours is not entertaining to me. And it’s happening far too often. However, I don’t think changing Swarm Hosts and Ravens would be enough to solve the problem with too long games. I think a bigger change would be better. I don’t think it should be possible to have four hour long games.

In general it’s very rare that I appreciate games that are over an hour long. Normally there is less and less action, and the quality is just not that good. I lose interest. It’s also very hard to organize a tournament when the time to play a best of 3 can vary from like 15 minutes (even if it’s rare) to, I don’t know but let’s say five hours.

As an example I remember casting Naniwa vs Thorzain (PvT) in the Swedish chapionship two years ago. The first map was about one hour and 20 minutes and Thorzain spooned himself to victory using Nukes and Ravens. No Swarm Hosts involved! CS:GO was to be played after, the CS fans were pretty mad and the players had to play in the middle of the night.

How about a change to regulate this? In Hearthstone you lose health when you are out of cards and in WoW Arena your abillity to heal decreases after a while. There are many examples. I think we need something similar in StarCraft 2. How about if all units started to lose health after a certain amount of time? That way you can not turtle and hope for a draw as we saw ForGG do vs FireCake yesterday in WCS. The army of ForGG would have died because of the game time and since FireCake had the bigger bank he would have been able to replace his army.

firecake forgg

It would change the game so that your bank/economy gets more important late game. But I don’t think that would be a bad thing. As all the resourses would be more important it would make the players fight more over them which would be a good thing in my opinion.

As I see it, a change like what I’m suggesting would make the game more interesting to watch and tournaments would be easier to organize. Maybe it shouldn’t be the game time that regulates a change and maybe the change shouldn’t be that units start to lose health. But I’d like to see a change. A change that makes sure that games don’t last for too long. A change that will help keep the games more interesting both for players and viewers.



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